Magnetic Probe Rack MPR - Neptune Systems

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Magnetic Probe Rack MPR - Neptune Systems

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Quick Overview

Neptune Systems designed the MPR - Magnetic Probe Rack specifically for the Apex. It will hold the larger diameter temperature probe, pH probe, ORP probe, and salinity probe.

  • Made from acrylic and with strong neodymium magnets

  • Works securely on sumps and aquariums up to 1/2" thick


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Product Questions

Can i get the complete dimensions. Need to know if this is going to fit in my biocube. I need the Length across and the width when the screws are clear of the holes. Thank you
Question by: Joseph on Jul 30, 2014 1:31:00 PM
Hi Joseph,
The inside portion of the probe holder measures 4" across. With the screws backed out as far as they go (so at its thickest) it measures 2.5" inches.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Jul 30, 2014 1:31:00 PM
What are the sizes of the probe holes?

I see the are 2 doesn't sizes but it doesn't say what they are.
Question by: Allen Ford on Jan 19, 2017 8:47:00 PM
Great question! There are three holes that fit the standard pH, salinity and ORP probes and there is one larger hole that fits the Neptune Apex temperature probe. The standard probe holes are 0.5" and the temp probe hole is 0.65" :-)

Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 24, 2017 5:38:00 PM

Full Details

Neptune has designed a Magnetic probe rack that will hold up to 4 probes with one hole being slightly over-sized to hold those larger probes like the Neptune temp probe. By simply placing the MPR in your sump or tank, you can now securely hold all your probes in a single spot. If a probe is left loose their is a good chance it may float with the business end being exposed to the air and causing a false reading. The Neptune MPR can work with glass up to 1/2" thick and keep all your probes secure and safe.


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  • Super strong! By Lisa on 2/9/2017

    Super strong magnet. Holds all my probes well.
  • Great product By Bob on 2/9/2017

    Great product. Keeps things looking neat and organized.
  • Too Bad it Does Come in Black By Jason on 1/16/2017

    Holds apex probes in a fixed spot to prevent issues. It is recommended that the probes are not placed underwater, therefore this is important. I placed this at the top corner of the tank, so it is out of the way. Only issue is the apex temp sensor has to put in connector first as the end of the sensor will not go through the opening.
  • It works great By Brian on 12/17/2016

    It plastic, its a magnet, it does exactly what it describes. Looks nice too for something I never look at in my sump!
  • Does the Job By Rui Manuel Gaspar on 11/28/2016

    I have two of them and I am really happy. They sit on the back of my sump and on my overflow and they do the job just nicely

  • Great Product By Bryan on 9/23/2016

    I've been using the MPR for half a year now and I love it. Just make sure to place it where you will not bump it if you are using it to hold a float valve or water sensor for a ATO.
  • quality made By sal on 6/22/2016

    Looks great and holds well on my 100 Rubbermaid tub
  • Needs some stability to hold it inside By Ray on 4/16/2016

    I noticed several others with the same problem, just having acrylic agains my glass the probe holder easily moves around, I won't be putting a top off float in this thing. It is pricey but it also makes the sump look nice. It would be nice if Apex gave them away as an incentive..
  • Magnetic Probe Rack is less than stable By N8 on 4/11/2016

    I have found out the hard way that having a magnetic probe rack like this is difficult. If it had two separate magnets on the sides or a magnetic/suction device it might be better. The fit and finish is great, but the one flaw is severe IMHO

    The bottom line is the unit easily spins, and that resulted in my probes drying out inside the sump after it spun and exposed the probes.
  • Neptune Systems customer service stinks By Ron C on 3/22/2016

    Ok product. Neptune systems customer service is the worst Can't ever get them in the phone. They make money hand over fist but can't another customer service rep??
  • love it By Russell on 3/10/2016

    I have two of them its a must have with apex, so far i love there stuff
  • love it By walkabout on 3/10/2016

    I have two of them love it