Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Hanna Checker - Marine Water

Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Hanna Checker
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  • Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Hanna Checker
  • Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Hanna Checker
  • Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Hanna Checker

Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Hanna Checker - Marine Water

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

The Hanna Alkalinity checker is an awesome little tool that now will give results in DKH values that are much more common in the aquarium hobby. It will also give you accurate easy to read results with the large LCD display. We like the repeatable results and ability to purchase replacement reagents when needed. The biggest key with Hanna checkers is keeping the vials nice and clean for consistent results.

Uses Hanna HI755-26 liquid reagents

Three simple steps to results. The Hanna Alkalinity Checker bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. Accurate, affordable and easy to use. First, zero the instrument with your water sample. Next, add the reagent. Last, place the vial into the Hanna Alkalinity Checker, press the button and read the results. Done.


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Product Questions

The spec says that the accuracy is +/-0.3 and +/- 5% of reading. So a reading of 10.0 could really be anywhere from 9.2 to 10.8. That's huge. Is that the spread of errors over many checkers and I could be lucky and get a good one, or is that the spread of measurement errors for any particular checker?
Question by: Boz on Apr 28, 2016 8:41:00 AM
Great question!
The dKH checker by Hanna is one if the easiest to use and just as accurate as all current hobby grade test kits for dKH currently available. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Apr 28, 2016 1:28:00 PM
Hanna list a calibration kit specifically for the HI772. Do you carry this or will the one for the HI775 work?
Question by: Deborah Yanko on Jul 1, 2016 10:54:00 PM
You can use the kit from the 775, the 772 checker is pretty much identical, but gives a readout of dKh instead of PPM.
Answer by: Valerie (Admin) on Jul 6, 2016 12:10:00 PM
How many tests will the included reagent perform.
Question by: Kaietan on Nov 18, 2016 1:57:00 PM
Hey There,
This checker includes 25 tests. If you have any other questions, let us know!
Answer by: Jason Smith (Admin) on Nov 18, 2016 2:26:00 PM
Will they provide a new reagent for this new HI772 Alk Checker (dKH) or does the previous HI755-26 reagent work?
Question by: Bosco Yung on Mar 24, 2016 6:27:00 PM
Great question!
This checker will use the same reagent as the HI755-26. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Mar 25, 2016 9:08:00 AM

Full Details

HI772 Owners Manual.pdf

Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits

Chemical and titration test kits have limited accuracy and very hard to repeat that usually will rely on the human eye and lighting to determine the reading. Hanna's HI772 Alkalinity Checker is much more reliable with their single light source with a fixed wavelength that will give the electronic checker the ability to make repeatable measurements time after time. Similar measurement devices are used by labs and large scale testing facilities for their dependable and precise measurements.

Dedicated to a single parameter

Designed to work with HANNA's liquid reagents. Uses 10 mL glass cuvettes.

Small Size, Big Convenience

Weighing a mere 65 g (2.3 oz.), the Checker®HC easily fits into the palm of your hand or pocket.Use for quick and accurate on the spot analysis. Single button operation: Zero and Measure Operated by a single AAA battery.


  • Range: 0.0 to 20.0 dKH
  • Resolution: 0.1 dKH
  • Precision: ±0.3 dKH ±5% of reading
  • Light Source: LED @ 610 nm
  • Light Detector: Silicon photocell
  • Environment: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95% non-condensing
  • Battery Type: (1) 1.5V AAA
  • Auto-off: After 10 minutes of non-use and after read
  • Dimensions: 81.5 x 61 x 37.5 mm (3.2 x 2.4 x 1.5")
  • Weight: 64 g (2.25 oz.)
  • Method: Colorimetric method


Whats Included

  • HI772 Checker
  • 2 sample cuvettes with caps
  • 1 bottle of alkalinity reagent hi755-26
  • 1 ml syringe and tip ­­­
  • battery
  • instructions
  • quick start guide.



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  • Easy to use but didn't last! By Pierre on 2/11/2017

    First, it is really easy and fast to use, seems accurate enough for the average Joe. I had mine for 8 months and it stopped working. (Error L.HI)

    I contacted Hannah support by email and got a reply within a few hours (Great!) Unfortunately, the warranty is 6 months only and because of the price range, there's no repair or return possible.

    Overall, great little tester, but it might not last!

    Some piece of advice:

    Store in a dry area, make sure no water ever touch it. Be sure you wipe any excess of water from the sample tube before insertion. Wipe again...and wipe...It will help for accuracy and longevity!

    Happy Reefing!

  • Above the rest By Mikesreef on 1/23/2017

    Fast and accurate is all I have to say. Worth the extra money.
  • Great Product By Greg on 1/14/2017

    Love the simplicity
  • Colorblind Perfect! By Nick on 1/10/2017

    So being shade blind it is hard for me to determine the proper levels in my tank. I usually just guess about and or around. But just ordered this Hanna Alk tester and right on point. Can't wait to get the other testers. Cost little bit more but well worth it because i'm not guessing anymore when checking my levels.!
  • Happy with the tester. Ease of use By William on 12/30/2016

    Happy with the tester. Ease of use
  • Great product By Mitch on 12/19/2016

    Works as stated. Removes the guess work from testing Alk.
  • Much more accurate By Brad on 12/16/2016

    Using a 6.7 dKH standard, the Hanna read exactly 6.7 dKH. My display tank read 9.3 dKH on the Hanna whereas my Salifert kit showed 10.0 dKH. Will be switching to Hanna for Calcium testing soon.
  • Fast, accurate,easy to use. By mac on 12/10/2016

    Tried the expensive 10 step computer type testers that send all the records to my computer and after many attempts. found them way to confusing for my simple brain..
    Been in the hobby over 30 yrs,I f I haven't learned anything I learned the to" KISS"
    "Keep It Simple Stupid"
  • Fantaboulous By Andrew on 11/24/2016

    Measures alkalinity extremely accurate. Very happy with the tester and will look to get the calcium checker as well.
  • great product By Jennifer on 11/4/2016

    Ease of use and cost per test make this product one of my favs. I recommend getting the controls so you can make sure to know if your unit is reading spot on or up or down a bit. then just make adjustments to final reading to make sure it is within proper range.
  • Hanna Checkers are very easy to use and accurate By Joseph on 10/2/2016

    Love the Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter. Very easy to use, fast and, accurate. Its a definite buy.
  • Awesome By Cowboy Wayne on 9/19/2016

    Eliminates human inaccuracy.