Prime HD LED Module (Black) Aqua Illumination

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Prime HD LED Module (Black) Aqua Illumination

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Quick Overview

With new HD (Hyper Drive) technology you can now transfer power from one channel of LED's to another to give more power to the channels that your tank may need. HD technology also allows you to create almost any spectrum you wish with the easy to use MyAI app and AiFi wireless connection, it is by far one of the fastest and easiest lights to connect to and control from anywhere in the world.

Great for tanks up to 24" x 24"


  • Hyper Drive Technology - Allows the transfer of overall power to the LED's that need it.

  • WIFI based programming - That means no separate controller is required to program the light. You can do so right from your phone or computer via WIFI!

  • Spectrum - As with all of the Aqua Illimunation family of lights, the Prime continues in the full spectrum footsteps with the colors that your reef needs. 

  • Affordable - One of the best "bang for your buck" options available to date.  



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Product Questions

I have a marineland 27 Gallon, dimensions are 20x18x18H. Was wondering if 1 of these lights would be sufficient to grow a mixed reef tank. Maybe a clam or anemone as well? Thank you.
Question by: Jason on Jun 27, 2016 9:46:00 AM
This would be a little limited spreading across the tank. For even spread you will want 2 or a wider light such as Kessil a360.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 29, 2016 6:42:00 PM
Is one light good for reefer 170? which mounting arm should I get?
Question by: Lena Chen on Jul 12, 2016 1:43:00 PM
Hi Lena,
A single Prime HD would be a very nice light on the Reefer 170 and with the tanks 18 x 18” footprint, we would suggest going with the 18” Prime Flex Arm. That would give you a good height for the light above the tank while giving you the ability to center it over the tank as well.
Thanks for the questions and if you have any more just let us know.
Answer by: Charlie (Admin) on Jul 13, 2016 8:00:00 AM
Would two of these be good for a 65gallon that's 36x20x20 or would it be better to get a hydra 52 hd
Question by: Michael on Jun 15, 2016 12:26:00 PM
Great question!
These will be a little limited and for best growth and spread we recommend the Hydra 52 with a 30" x 24" spread.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 15, 2016 1:13:00 PM
will this light would be good for 75 gallon tank?
Question by: olby toribio on Jun 15, 2016 12:53:00 PM
Great question!
This is not quite large enough with penetration to cover the 75 gallon system. Instead we recommend the Hydra 26 HD's x2. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 15, 2016 1:09:00 PM
Will this be good for one of the new nuvo tanks?
Question by: Damon on Jun 15, 2016 1:50:00 PM
Great question!
This light will be a great fit for the New Nuvo Concept tanks! Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 15, 2016 2:11:00 PM
Is this light the prime HD light strong enough for SPS corals??
Question by: Roland on Jun 15, 2016 9:39:00 PM
Great question!
This certainly can work with some SPS no problem as long as you keep the SPS in the 12" range and adjust the light intensity accordingly. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 16, 2016 11:25:00 AM
How good would these be to grow los and soft corals in 10g
Question by: Kevin Haynes on Dec 27, 2016 9:45:00 PM
Great question! This light is absolutely sufficient for those coral types in a 10gal tank. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 2, 2017 7:31:00 AM
Does the light come with any mounting hardware? How many lights would be required for a 60"x 18" x 24", 112 gal tank? Would 2 be sufficient?
Question by: LLOYD on Jun 15, 2016 9:54:00 PM
The light does not include mounting hardware which can be purchased separately in Hanging and Mounting form. Additionally these lights are rather limited and would not be an ideal fit for a tank of your size. We recommend instead the Hydra 26 models by AI. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 16, 2016 11:26:00 AM
So I have a 48 x 23 and after I put sand in it will only be 13 1/2 inches deep I already have one prime if I got anotger one could I use it on this tank sense it so shallow?
Question by: Dan Larsen on Jun 16, 2016 2:12:00 PM
Great question!
If the light is placed close enough and it is softies mixed reef tank you certainly could use several Primes for coverage!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 21, 2016 3:43:00 PM
How would this work on a jbj 30 gallon rl?
Question by: Vincent on Jun 30, 2016 4:00:00 PM
This will certainly work over a 12" x 12" area. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 30, 2016 6:26:00 PM
Does it inhibit the efficiency of the light if there is a glass lid on the aquarium? Obviously the glass would have no UV protection or anything. DIY project in the making.
Question by: Philip Winslow on Feb 24, 2017 6:49:00 PM
Hey there,
Unfortunately a glass shield would have a negative affect on light intensity and can actually reflect/block a significant amount of light from the fixture.

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on Feb 27, 2017 3:58:00 PM
Would you recommend 2 of the AI Prime HD or 1 AI Hydra 26 for a 24x20x12 Nuvo tank? Planning to go SPS dominant
Question by: Alexander Lor on Jan 15, 2017 3:48:00 PM
Great question! For an SPS dominate tank with those depths, I would actually recommend two Hyrda 26 lights or a single Hydra 52. I do think that the Prime HDs will not be enough intensity/PAR for that size of tank. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 16, 2017 12:40:00 PM
Would this be sufficient lighting for a 60 gallon cube tank?
Question by: Raymon Gomez on Jun 16, 2016 9:34:00 PM
Great question!
This will be limited for penetration much deeper than 12". We do not recommend this light for a 60 cube. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 21, 2016 2:37:00 PM
I have a 20 gallon long with dimensions of 30x13x13 will this light work would i need one or two?
Question by: karla on Nov 8, 2016 9:46:00 AM
Great question! I would recommend two for optimal spread and PAR. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Nov 8, 2016 11:42:00 AM
Starting a 20 long nano. It is 30x12x12. Would two of these work? Or would you suggest something different?
Question by: Zach on Jan 25, 2017 2:52:00 PM
Great question! Although two of these will cover that tank, you may have issues with low PAR for corals like SPS. If you plan on having mostly Softies and LPS, these should work well for you. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 28, 2017 11:06:00 AM
I was wondering if this light would work for a 40G hexagonal tank? I want to make this a reef tank, but want to make sure I have sufficient lighting for corals. This tank measures 20.5" across and is 23" high.Thank you.
Question by: Bob Sterling on Aug 14, 2016 6:25:00 PM
Great question! According to the manufacturer specs, this fixture will have a peak intensity of 93 PAR, and the coverage will drop off considerably by 24". For this reason, we generally only recommend this fixture for smaller nano type setups and/or tanks dominated by lower light corals. A better solution for your system if you plan to have a mixed reef or sps dominated setup might be the Hydra 26. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. Have a great day and happy reefing!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on Aug 16, 2016 2:35:00 PM
Would this light work with a jbj 45?
Question by: Cody Burnett on Jun 23, 2016 12:08:00 PM
This will realistically be a little small but will work well for low light corals.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 29, 2016 5:12:00 PM
Are these Apex compatible?
Question by: Tony on Jul 8, 2016 10:30:00 PM
The HD series of lights are not compatible with external controllers. You can use the MyAI software through any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Answer by: Charlie (Admin) on Jul 11, 2016 8:41:00 AM

Full Details

Aqua Illumination has always been known for producing easy to use, attractive and functional LED lights. With many different mounting option, and ease of control, for small or large tanks the AI Prime HD is a small light, that can easily out perform some of the big boys. With a refined mixture of LED's and enhanced optics carefully packaged into a sleek and stylish housing the Prime HD is more than just for looks. Aqua Illumination updated the mix of LED's in the module creating a complete spectrum that your corals will love.


MyAI App

By far one of the cleanest and easiest to use apps for any aquarium light. The MyAI app is by far one of the easiest LED light control apps we have ever used letting you easily program your lights daily schedule, lightning storms, acclimation modes, moon lighting, and much more. With any device that can connect to the internet will let you have full control over the Prime HD. The MyAI app lets you sync multiple Prime HD or other AI HD lights together to create the ultime aquarium lighting system.


13 High Powered LED's creates a bright full spectrum, with outstanding color mixing capabilities.


3 - Cree XP-G2 Cool White (> 70 CRI)
3 - Cree XT-E Royal Blue
3 - Cree XP-E2 Blue
1 - OSRAM OSLON Deep Red
1 - Cree XP-E2 Green
1 - SemiLED 415nm
1 - SemiLED 405nm



  • Dimensions: 4.88" x 4.88" x 1.34"
  • Power Consumption: 45W at full power
  • Input Range: 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Power Cable Length: 10'
  • UL, CE, and RoHS compliant power supply


What is in the box?

1x Black Body Hydra Prime HD LED light Unit
1x AC Adapter Power Supply
1x User Manual




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  • Love them so far so do my fish and corals!! By Robert on 3/31/2017

    Love them so far, love the controllability with the app, easy to set up and control, tank looks great and corals are doing better since I added these light!
  • Waste of money By Caz on 3/21/2017

    Terrible product. Not worth the price. Customer service horrible.
  • Waste of Money By Hardwerk on 3/9/2017

    Failure - The network connectivity is really disappointing. My entire house is very well covered with WiFi on 5ghz and pretty good on 2.4ghz. However, these, of course only do 2.4 ghz (old school). These lights hardly connect to the wifi. It is such a weak radio. I have no devices that have as weak of an antenna as these (by far). I tried multiple times to get the Parent/Child setup to work but it doesn't. I had to control them individually. Tech support sucks but if you have a week and are patient they will respond with something, at least. Just don't be in a hurry.

    Today, I came home and one of them has failed. Dead. After the issues I had with setting up parent/child, weak wifi connectivity, weak support services I'm not even going to bother contacting them about replacing. I'm going to throw both of them away and go get new lights. $500+ down the drain.

    General Opinion - The price of the lights are on the high end for what they are. Yes, there are more expensive light setups but they have far more LED's, multiple fans, heavier duty mounting options, etc.. These lights are meant to be simple small form factor and perform really well. Which was appealing to me.

    The lighting itself is pretty good. You need to be 10" or more above your water, though (in my opinion). My setup I was only 7-8" above with 2 of these lights and I was willing to live with having less light in the corners of my tank. The disco ball effect IS really annoying that others talk about. You have to turn off red and green to get rid of it and then of course you lose a light of vibrant colors on the corals so that isn't realy an option. You have to live w/ the disco.
  • Ai prime hd nuvo20 By James on 2/16/2017

    I have this light on my innovative marine fusion 20. I had the skkye lights when it was FOWLR now I've started getting corals and had to upgrade. Spreads nicely for me I just put lower light corals in the corners, chose this over the kessil because I wouldn't need a separate controller. Takes a while to play with the settings but once you get the hang of it, it's really a nice light
  • If I could give this light a ZERO out of 5 stars, I would. By Jon Link on 2/13/2017

    I have have nothing but issues with both of my AI Prime lights over the past year and AI's customer service was terrible. I had to ship these lights back 3 different times over the past year and had to pay the shipping myself. One of the lights didn't work straight out of the box when it was brand new. The other two had fans fail on them within a couple of months which made them constantly overheat. They did not work correctly at all. One of them was destroyed because they aren't sealed properly and salt creep formed inside the light. In this case, AI blamed me for the damage and only left me the option to purchase a new light. It was at a discounted rate ($150), but I had to buy a new one. Keep in mind each time I sent a light back, I had to reorganize all of my corals to keep them from dying while one of my lights was unavailable for 3 weeks or so. That happened three different times. Ridiculous... Buy something more durable or buy from a company with good customer service.
  • Too much disco By Alex on 1/24/2017

    With any surface agitation you get a disco ball effect. You really need to turn the red and green nearly off to stop this. AI basically shrugs and says good luck. For the price it's okay, but to be honest I'd go with the competitor.
  • Great light for the price By Dan on 1/15/2017

    I purchased two of these for my 65 Gallon mixed Reef tank. With the lights 9" above the waters surface and maxed out, my easy SPS is growing and displaying amazing color. The softies love it. Definitely sticking with Ai products.
  • Good By Jason on 1/14/2017

    Lights a 54 gallon corner tank at 25%. Light is easy to setup via the app for the phone/tablet. App is easy to use, but I was hoping for more features. Setup of a schedule is easy. Weather and lunar affects can be scheduled and turned on/off. Manual mode can change the settings at will then automatically changes back to the default settings once exited manual mode.
  • Lights doesn't working. Awful customer's service By Enrique Sanchez Costa on 12/21/2016

    I bought three Prime HD lights. One of them had the Wi-Fi function without working. Then, the light was useless (for I could'nt configurate it). Another had the white channel with less power than it should have. Then, the light in my tank was uneven as you may see in the left side of the picture (bluer than the rest of the tank). I had to pay the sending to AquaIllumination for the replacement light. They never apologize for their light failures. And, after all the trouble, they were unable to send the light outside US without extra costs. At the end, the lights arrived three weeks later. The only reason my corals are still living is because they are soft corals and the room has a good natural light. I never, ever, will buy an AquaIllumination product again.
  • Amazing what a good light can do By RH on 12/19/2016

    This light is really sleek and perfect for a nano reef. I love the controllability and for the price it is really worth it. Im really glad to have this new light and AI has my support from now on.
  • Awesome Product By Philip C on 12/17/2016

    Just order this unit for my 20g coral quarantine tank, love the Prime fixture. However, they need to do some serious work with the app. Works most of the time, can be frustrating at times, the concept is there. This said I can't knock the Prime LED fixture it amazing!
  • Would not recommend By Dcarr on 12/8/2016

    Seems like some great features BUT ... app is not user friendly. Very time consuming to set a schedule. Main issue is the colors separate as they pass thru the water column and you get a disco ball effect on the bottom. Kessil is a much better option with the controller. It's more money but you get what you pay for.