Ozotech Poseidon 200 Ozone Generator

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  • Should you use ozone in your aquarium?

Ozotech Poseidon 200 Ozone Generator

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

When it comes to ozone reactors the Poseidon is a class leader by producing by constantly outperforming its competition.  With an adjustable output, and patented Cold Spark Corona Discharge not many other ozone generators come close to its performance in its price range.  With serviceable parts, and great customer service, Ozotech only does ozone and they do it very well.

Input - 0.25"
Output - 0.25"


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Product Questions

What size is the input/output ports? What size of ozone tubing do I need to purchase for this unit?
Question by: Jacob on Mar 27, 2014 6:19:00 PM
Hi Jacob,
Good question. The ports are standard airline size which is 3/16, so the 3/16" ozone tubing would be what your looking for.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Mar 27, 2014 6:19:00 PM
What air pump would you recommend using with this generator?
Question by: Thomas on Aug 24, 2014 7:08:00 AM
Hi Thomas,

I would go with the Coralife Luft Pump mainly due to the fact that it is adjustable and produces 7 PSI. This will allow you to fine tune the output of the ozone and push air through an air dryer which is recommended.

Here is the air dryer which will maximize the output of your ozone generator.

You may also want to consider the Ozone kit which includes an ORP controller as well.

I hope this helps!
Have a great day :)
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Aug 24, 2014 7:08:00 AM

Full Details

Bulk Reef Supply considers Ozotech to be the leading brand of ozone products available to the aquarium industry for a number of reasons:

  • Ozotech only does ozone and they do it well. Their products are not a sub line of an aquarium company whose specialty isn't ozone.
  • The Corona Discharge unit is replaceable by the aquarium hobbyist in just a few minutes, where other brands require the user to buy a new unit when the corona discharge wears out.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Ozotech has fantastic customer service. Troubleshooting and customer service phone calls and emails are answered promptly.

Using Ozone will have the following benefits in the aquarium:

  • Healthier corals and increased polyp extension due to the oxidation and breakdown of corals defensive toxins
  • Consistently clear water and proper light penetration due to the oxidation and breakdown of color pigments.
  • Increased skimmer efficiency due to ozone causing waste particle to attract each other creating larger easier to filter particles.
  • Oxidation and breakdown of fish waste and uneaten food.

Ozotech Poseidon specs and benefits:

  • 1 year WARRANTY
  • Patented Cold Spark Corona Discharge
  • 12 VDC, 800mn ( AC/DC adaptor is included)
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
  • Dimensions W 4.25" x H 2.5" x L 7.5"
  • Stainless Steel C/D Manifolds
  • Factory Tested and Calibrated
  • Medium Frequency, Solid State Electronics
  • Wall Mountable
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Unlike UV ozone generators, the output does not degrade overtime
  • High output gas concentration for enhanced solubility
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Easy to service, virtually maintenance free
  • True 200 mg/hr generator at usable airflow rates

Safety Note We strongly recommend using ozone in conjunction with an ORP controller to ensure it is used safely. It is extremely important to use carbon on both the air and water output of the reactor or protein skimmer. Ozone is not healthy to breath in large quantities so if you can smell it in your home at all please change the carbon.



10 Items

  • This thing cranks. By Chicago on 3/25/2014

    I ordered this. It after my red sea unit, the second unit failed after a year. Becarful though. This puts out a lot of ozone compared to the redsea. My issue now is how to deal withe the residual ozone. Would recommend with the above condition.. Be prepared to deal with the residual ozone. Even at the lowest setting it cranks it out.
  • Dont Buy By Randy on 11/7/2013

    This has been the 2nd unit I have purchased in 3 years and has failed on me. If moisture gets back into unit it will fry and there is no way to prevent it
  • Well built By Z on 10/23/2013

    Researched this and others from different companies and Ozotech almost always gets good reviews. Nice compact size. Build materials should prevent any rust or corrosion. Running this with Apex controller, BRS lab grade probe, Avast Mutiny II ozone reactor and media reactor with good results after only one week. Water clarity has improved, ORP went from 220 range to 320 give or take. LPS corals have opened up and extended tentacles almost all day every day. I started out with a small air dryer that quickly started turning colors to indicate need to recharge the beads. I am currently running without an air dryer. Looking at the Ozotech electronic dryer, but note that it requires an additional vacuum pump to make it work with my setup. Overall very pleased with this purchase.
  • Received a dead unit By Andrew on 12/1/2012

    Was looking forward to using this, but mine won't power on. I e-mailed Ozotech and BRS, and awaiting a response. Aside from that, unit is lightweight and has mounting holes on the back to attach to a vertical surface, which is nice. The box is all sheet metal and held together with metal screws. Power adapter is made in China, but I believe the ozonator is made in California. Documentation is lacking and not well-written and is laid out poorly (basically a stack of xerox copies stapled together and folded in half). I was really looking forward to using this thing based on the positive reviews here on BRS and elsewhere, but I only gave it one star because mine was DOA. I will revisit once I get one that works.
  • Great quality worth the investment By Jeremy on 7/24/2012

    Great product, works well, milwaukee orp controller is accurate, not the easiest to set up and ends up running a lot of wires.
  • Great ozonizer! By Alfred on 3/23/2012

    I've had three ozonizers in the past... two Enaly and one Resun. Ozone has always been good in my tanks. The previous ozonizers looked and felt cheap, and were cheap. This one is 3X the price, and looks much better built. Time will tell, but for now, first impressions make me think this is a quality unit. Wasted my money on the previous three ozonizers (but at least I learned something from them). Decided to finally get one that has top-notch reputation, and so far, it is living up to its reputation,
  • Quality Ozonizer By Kenneth on 11/20/2011

    Well packaged product. Surpised at the number of adapters and hoses included to fit nearly any applications. Solidly constructed metal case with variable output for much more adaptability than a non adjustable model. Labratory quality feel. Combined purchase with the Coralife Luft pump has an unexpected ability to have precise dial control for skimmer output adjustment. Highly recommended combo.
  • Great product By Don on 9/28/2011

    After going through 2 Red Sea units, I decided to by this. I have had it running for about 5 months now and it's working great. I have a BRS drier in front of it. This works excellent in improving water clarity and maintains ORP.
  • best there is By starfish on 8/29/2010

    I got one of those stupid redsea ozonizers because it came with an ORP controller and seemed cheaper. Well it worked fine for a few months but just got weaker over the months and by the end of the year was next to worthless. I didn't get my ozotech here but it has lasted me over five years and works today like it did the day i turned it on. My recommendation is using this in combination with a reefkeeper controller. The stand alone controllers are cheaper to begin with but in the long run the reefkeeper controller does so much more and a way better long term investment.
  • Great results By Jeremy Hepburn on 4/22/2010

    I use this on my 700gallon tank (400 gallon display). Within 48 hours I had increased water clarity, improved skimmate production and raised my ORP levels to 400mv. I had a couple of tangs (achilles and power blue) that were showing initial signs of ich. Since adding the ozone the ich has subsided although I am not 100% sure this can be attributed to the ozone. Great product.

    Make sure you get an ORP controller too!

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