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Korallen-Zucht Nano Power Package

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Korallen-Zucht Nano Power Package

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Quick Overview

ZEOvit Nano Power Package contains 10mL bottles of:

  • Coral Vitalizer

  • Pohl’s Xtra

  • Amino Acid Concentrate LPS

  • Sponge Power

Routine use of each will result in improved water clarity, increased color and growth of your corals and increased growth of your sponges.


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Jacob Davis on April 8, 2014, @12:26 AM

    How much of each liquid is provided in this pack?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Jacob,
    They are each packaged in 10ml bottles.

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  • by Parker on February 19, 2014, @4:55 AM

    Do you need a skimmer to run these four products?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Parker,
    A skimmer would not be required to use the nano pack :-)

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Full Details

Coral Vitalizer

High quality nourishment for corals. This is the most balanced coral food and will not add phosphate or nitrates to your water. Visible reaction can be seen within minutes upon addition to the reef. Noticeable improvements to color, polyp extension and overall health will be peak within ten days.

Phol's Xtra
A supplemental additive that significantly improves growth, color, and vibrancy of corals. Routine dosing of Phol's Xtra will have long term benefits that also include improved water clarity, increased robustness and coral health.

Amino Acid Concentrate LPS
A revised blend of amino acids formulated specifically to target the needs of LPS and soft corals. Regular use will result in increased color, vitality and growth.

Sponge Power
Sponge power is a specially formulated food for sponges, bivalves and tunicates. Routine dosing will enhance the growth of these animals, which will have a net effect of supporting their water filtering characteristics and thus improve water quality significantly. Additional benefits include longer growth tips in SPS corals, enhanced colors and improved coral tissue damage recovery. LPS and soft coral improvements have also been reported by many. These include additional tissue growth, polyp expansion and coloration.


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  • Nano POWER!! By Dylan on 3/25/2015

    I love it. Colors of corals look great, and polyps are very full looking. I will definitely continue to use.
  • Promising start By MRod on 12/31/2014

    It has only been about 4-5 days of use but it appears my blue/green sympodium are finally opening despite no other changes. Overall easy to use as long as you don't mind a quick daily investment that is faster and easier than any other testing for the tank.

    Cant wait to see if other changes follow over the next few weeks.
  • Amazing By Andrew on 12/31/2014

    Thus is the best way to try some.of the best additives I've ever used I've bought two of these to try them and plan on running almost all KZ products from now on. BUY THESE IF YOU WANT AMAZING COLOR AND GROWTH.
  • WOW!!!!!! By Reef11 on 12/18/2014

    I have been keeping a reef tank for 20+ years and have NEVER had a product make such a HUGE impact on my tank so fast. After just a few days the results were very noticeable. I have been using this for 10 days now and the results are really amazing... LPS are huge especially brains and torches. SPS colored up a lot and the shrooms are showing colors I didn't know they had! Also , so far I have not noticed any increase in algae on the glass, substrate or live rock.
    Awesome product IMO....I'm hooked
  • must have for your nano By adam on 12/10/2014

    this is a great product you will see results within the first couple days
  • great been using these products for years By zooo on 10/20/2014

    if you have expensive corals, or just love the hobby, these products will make you appreciate the work that you will save to have amazing corals.If you want to have great growth and coloration and less feeding of corals. buy these products just get larger bottles. I sell coral and keep them in tanks with use of these products before even trying to sell them to get the coloration and health I want before I to sell to my clients.
  • Not snake oil By Alex on 7/11/2014

    Really impressed of this stuff. The coral vitalizer and the sponge power lasts along time but the amino and pohls goes quick so I wish I got the big bottles of those two!
  • seriously does improve coral growth and health By Ivan on 1/10/2014

    i got this blackfriday sale since it was only 24 bucks to just see what all the fuss was about. well i was blown away at the response i got from my corals. growth was amazing to watch in a few weeks of use. im bummed i didnt buy more at the blackfriday prices.
  • Great way to try zeovit By Nick Club on 12/17/2013

    I got this kit to try the zeovit to see if it had any impact on my tank. After the first two weeks I am impressed. I have never seen my corals this bright and happy. Lots of polyp extension. I am glad I bought this so I could see which zeovit product would work best for me. Sold!
  • Great starting point for Zeovit products By Orly on 12/13/2013

    I always wanted to try Zeovit products on my 34 gallon Solana and I am very happy with the changes I have seen in the last month of dosing. I will be ordering the larger contains because the nano power pack is only a tease.
  • Great product By Tom on 12/12/2013

    Looks like these reviews can't be trusted. I wrote an honest and not too critical review of this product but the review was deleted. All I did was point out the fact that a 2ml/day dosage out of a 10ml bottle will yield only 5 days of dosage. I'm very disappointed with Bulkreefsupplies.com for putting up only partial reviews.
  • Incredible results By Jaculus on 12/4/2013

    I have been extremely attentive to my levels in my Biocube 29 since I got it months ago. While my zoas and polyps were doing well they just did not have that "zing" or brilliance until I got this on the Balck Friday special pricing. I am so glad I got this though. Now I am sure "results may vary" lol, I noticed results in a few hours and have been adding just a little under the recommended dosage daily and the results have been fantastic.

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