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JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/3 HP

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JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/3 HP

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Quick Overview

Excellent quality, quiet operation. These units have been designed for maximum temperature pull down (BTU's) with the least amount of energy draw.

JBJ Arctica Chiller Manual


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Sel on January 5, 2014, @5:37 AM

    Hi guys
    What flow rate and what kind of power head would you recommend using with this chiller? My tank is 265 gallons.



    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Sel,
    The flow rate on the chillers is quiet forgiving. On the 1/3th HP chiller they recommend between 480 and 2400gph of flow. Its quiet common to hook them up inline with your return pump if its within that flow range. Otherwise something like a Sicce syncra 4.0 pump would be a good choice.

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Full Details

Quick Compare - JBJ Arctica Chillers


Capacity (BTU/hr)



Flow Rate (GPH) Min/Max



1/3 HP

4000 115 7.25 480/2400 13.7” x 15.7” x 17.7” 61
1/4 HP 3000 115 6.00 480/1920 9.8” x 16.5” x 20.9” 51
1/5 HP





9.8” x 16.5” x 20.9”


1/10 HP





9.8” x 16.5” x 18.5”


The JBJ Arctica Chillers incorporate some of the most advanced technological features to create a solution to stabilize water temperatures for your aquarium environment.

Arctica Features

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Exclusive titanium coil design creates maximal contact exposure.

Condenser Layout

Condenser, which is located on the front side of the chiller, draws cool air from the front and exhausts the warm air out the back. This unique placement also allows direct access to clean the condenser grill without any tools to take the chiller apart.

Energy Efficiency

Low energy consumption means lower cost. The highest BTU (British Thermal Units) heat removal capacity with the lowest AMPERAGE draw.

Fully Automated Digital Thermostat

Automatically control your temperature within +1/-1 Fahrenheit using the built-in thermostat. Includes a bright LCD that can easily be read day or night.

Least Noise and Smallest Vibration Level

You will be amazed at how uncommonly quiet this chiller is. Definitely an attractive quality for aquarists with tanks located in living rooms.

Compact Footprint

Many of the Arctica chillers are no larger than a standard desktop computer. Their compact size makes placement easy, even if you don't have a large designated area.

Side Handles

Lift and move your chiller easily using the ABS molded handles.

2 Year Warranty

Arctica Chillers are covered by a 2 year warranty, direct from the manufacturer to you.



10 Items

  • Does the trick By Neely on 4/28/2014

    I had a 1/4HP on my 120 years ago and had good luck with it so I thought I'd try out the 1/3HP on my RSM S-650. So far so good. It works as advertised. I can definitely hear it when it kicks on, but its not overly bothersome.
  • Rock Solid Chiller By Kenneth on 8/19/2013

    I have one of these bad boys on my 300 gallon reef tank w/ 50 gallon sump. I didn't buy this chiller from BRS, I bought mine used. I estimate that the chiller already had a few years of mileage on it and I have been using it for at least 3 years with no major issues. Most recently, the temperature sensor failed, but JBJ Lighting, has replaced the part at a very reasonable cost. They even serviced my unit (complete unit flush, safety inspection, leak inspection, etc). I highly recommend this unit!! If you live in S. Cali, even better as JBJ is local and will take care of any issues you may have.
  • Great chiller By Dennis on 7/6/2013

    I have three of them one for my 300 gallon tank, one for my 240 (with 70 gallon slave frag tank) and the third for my 180 (with 70 gallon slave frag tank). very reliable. I also have several 1/5 hp versions for my smaller tanks and they are equally good
  • Good chiller By Anh on 5/28/2013

    Overall this is a good chiller, bring down my tank temp fast but a tad loud to my taste. It only run during the day so it's not really a problem.
  • One of the best purchases of my life By holyreefer on 5/12/2013

    Before i bought this chiller on my 210 i had major heat issues without any fans or addtional chillers this has been able to handle my tank and some. Ive had it over 10 years now and just this week my fuse blew. At first i thought i had to purchase another chiller and then i called JBJ and it was only a 6.39 purchase. GREAT PRODUCT, WORKS AS SUPPOST TO, Pretty quiet.
  • Excellent Chiller By mike on 8/17/2012

    Couldn't be easier to use and set up. Works efficiently. It is in my living room and not quite as quiet as I hoped, but by no means would I consider it overly loud considering the size and what it is doing.
  • JBJ Titanium Arctica Chiller 1/3 HP By onlylight36 on 5/22/2012

    The JBJ Titanium Arctica Chiller 1/3 HP dose wonders on my reef/fish system, its a 180 G with a 75 G refugium and it keeps my system at 76 D. wished i got it sooner.
  • 1/3 chiller By jeffrey on 3/25/2012

    this chiller is great, its very quiet and keeping my tank cool.
  • JBJ makes good stuff By Robert on 2/22/2012

    That being said, this sucker is a bit loud for my tastes. I have the 1/10th HP model and it's a dream. Very quiet, makes a little more noise than a PC.

    Granted this one is 3 times the chiller. I was just hoping it would be as jaw-droppingly silent as the smaller sibling.

    The 1/3, I'd say, sounds like a decent size window AC when it comes on. Personally, I'd want it somehow soundproofed or located in a remote location.
  • Great Chiller By Tina on 2/19/2011

    Easy to set up, easy to program and reasonably quiet.
    I have mine in my living room on my 300 gallon tank so if it were too noisy it would be in issue. You can hear it when it first kicks on but then it is just a low hum.

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