Comline DOC Skimmer 9012 - Tunze

Tunze 9012 Comline Skimmer
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  • Tunze 9012 Comline Skimmer
  • Tunze 9012 Comline Skimmer
  • Tunze 9012 Comline Skimmer
  • Tunze 9012 Comline Skimmer

Comline DOC Skimmer 9012 - Tunze

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

We have really liked the Tunze Comline skimmers due to their small form factor and their ability to adapt to many different systems. With AC pump and DC pump models available you can choose the skimmer that works best for your system.

Using the Tunze Flash Skimming Principle, the Comline DOC Skimmer pulls water through an efficient surface suction.

Heavy Bioload - 50 gallons

Medium Bioload - 150 gallons

Light Bioload - 260 gallons

  • Skimmer Cup volume: .7 Liters

  • Air capacity: 400 L/H (52 GPH)

  • Magnet holder for up to 1/2" thick glass

  • Quiet Operation

  • Bubble free outgoing water

  • Easy to remove collection cup

  • Immersion depth: approx. 255mm to 285mm (10 to 11 in.)

  • Power consumption: 13W, 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz)

  • Dimensions: L140 x W110 x H415mm (L5.5 x W4.3 x H16.3 in.)


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Product Questions

Will this skimmer fit in the skimmer slot of a red sea max c250?
Question by: jason weber on Apr 24, 2016 9:56:00 AM
Great question!
This skimmer will need an area at least L5.5 x W4.3 x H16.3 in. As long as you are able to check the measurements of the chamber for your tank this skimmer may be able to work well!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Apr 27, 2016 1:41:00 PM

Full Details

Owners Manual


The Tunze Comline DOC skimmer utilizes Tunze's "Flash Skimming" principle. The skimmer is quiet and generates a very large volume of small bubbles for efficient skimmer operation. It operates stand-alone without needing any additional equipment (feed pumps, etc) and mounts to the tank via a convenient magnet holder strong enough for glass up to 1/2" thick.


The TUNZE® Foamer generates large volumes of fine air bubbles with a diameter between .0039 to .011 in. (0.1 to 0.3 mm) On the surface of the air bubbles, pollutants such as protein, cellulose, dead cells, etc. are adsorbed immediately. The water/air mixture expands and stabilizes in the skimmer cup reactor, the water returns to the aquarium, and the protein-loaded air bubbles spill over into the skimmer cup. The patented anti-overfoaming system intermediate chamber prevents the skimmer from over foaming and controls the skimmer performance, depending on the water level and organic load. This “flash skimming” principle, compared to large skimmers with long contact time, is obtained because the substances adsorbed by the air bubbles are not released again, thus they don‘t return to the aquarium water.