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AutoAqua Smart ATO - Auto Top Off System

AutoAqua Smart ATO - Auto Top Off System
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  • AutoAqua Smart ATO - Auto Top Off System
  • AutoAqua Smart ATO - Auto Top Off System
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AutoAqua Smart ATO - Auto Top Off System

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Quick Overview

Great for small tanks and where space is limited - the Smart ATO is a compact controller and sensor in one unit to keep you water at a safe level while maintaining proper salinity. Powerful magnets hold the unit in place at the desired water level in your tank or sump. Music alarm sounds if unit detaches from tank or if pump runs for too long.
  • Patent-pending contactless optical sensor - no moving parts to fail, zero chance of leaking voltage

  • AFS Technology - Automatic Feedback System for real-time fail safe protection

  • Controller/Sensor is less than 1 1/2" in diameter

  • Works on sumps/tanks with wall thickness up to 1/2"

  • Clear Acrylic or Glass

  • DC Brushless Feed Pump - 74 GPH

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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Steve on February 19, 2014, @12:35 PM

    My AIO tank has frosted glass on the chamber that I was hoping to use this in. Will it will work on that? Or do i need to try and find a different solution for my top off needs?


    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Steve,
    Unfortunately this ATO isn't going to do the trick if you don't have clear glass. Your best bet would be to look at something like the Elos or the Tunze auto top offs.

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  • by Erik on December 5, 2013, @6:38 AM

    Will it hurt the pump if it runs dry? Obviously this is not a situation I want, but it happens.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Erik,
    Its not great for the pump in the long term but the ATO does have an alarm that will go off and disable the pump should the pump run dry.

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  • by Steve on December 8, 2013, @2:42 AM

    Any chance I can hook up a different pump, like a peristaltic?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Steve,
    Not with this particular model of ATO. If you want to use your own pump then the Innovative Marine Hydrofill would do the trick as well as the Tunze osmolator (with the addition of the switch socket adapter).

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  • by nicholas on December 5, 2013, @7:05 AM

    Do u have to buy a seperate
    Pump for this?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Nicholas,
    No you do not. The ATO includes a small pump that will pump about 6ft of head pressure.

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  • by James on February 10, 2014, @8:44 AM

    what are the dimensions of the pump? is it small enough to fit through the opening of a 5 gallon jug

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi James,
    Its a bit shy of 2x2x1.5!

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  • by Carlos on February 2, 2014, @3:00 AM

    Can the pump be used in a container that has a dilute kalk addition. I use a 5 gallon container with 2 tbsp of Kalk in 5 gallons of water in my current setup. Would this pump get clogged by the sediment?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Carlos,
    Anytime you want to dose kalk you always want the pump or the tube off of the bottom as you never want to dose sediment to the tank (forget the pump at that point, the sediment is a slurry that will wreck havoc on the pH of your tank). That said though, as long as its off the bottom you can use the pump but kalk is going to shorten the lifespan of any pump so dont be surprised if you need to replace it more often.

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  • by Rick on December 13, 2013, @6:09 AM

    Would the sensor fit in the return pump well on an Innovative Marine Nano 8 tank?

    It's hard to go away even for a weekend without the sump evaporating dry if you remove the glass top to use an auto feeder.



    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Rick,
    The sensor itself should fit just fine, but it needs to see threw the glass and the back panels on the Nuvo tanks are flat black so it wouldn't be able to see through it. On a tank like yours your best bet would be something like the Elos Osmocontroller which doesn't have to see through the glass and has a small easy to place sensor that will fit just fine in your tank.

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  • by Dariush on December 12, 2013, @3:47 AM

    The guys at Reef Builders did a pretty positive review on this ATO (http://reefbuilders.com/2013/12/10/smart-ato-review-perfect-couple-quirks/), but my one concern is shown in the video when power goes out. It appears to keep adding water from the reservoir to the tank/sump. Have you guys tested this out? What could be done to prevent an overflow situation? (I have a UPS, but they only last for so long...).

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Dariush,
    If the power goes out, the pump has no power and can't add water to the tank. The only way water would continue to get added to the tank would be if the system was setup incorrectly with the reservoir water level higher then the water level in the location you are dosing too. If this is the case you would be creating a siphon and the water will continue to drain. This would happen not if the power goes out but would happen every single time you pumped water through the lines. This would be the same case with any auto top off system as well, its just the laws of physics :-)

    Otherwise though, if the system is setup properly and the power goes out, it won't go pouring a bunch of water into your tank (without any power the pump doesn't even have the ability to pump said water).

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Full Details

Smart ATO Manual

What's in the Box

  • Controller/Sensor
  • Power Adapter
  • DC Brushless Pump
  • 6.5 Ft of Water Tubing with Universal Holder

DP-200 DC Feed Pump

  • Flow Rate: 74 GPH
  • Power: 4.5W@DC 12V
  • Max Head: ~6.5 Ft (200 cm)
  • Brushless pump design for maintenance-free operation, high speeds - great around electronically sensitive equipment

Manufacturer's Warranty

  1. 1. Product is guaranteed for two years from date of purchase at normal operation
  2. 2. Warranty is not transferable
  3. 3. Any incorrect operation will not be warranted and will result in a repair fee
  4. 4. All warranty repairs are performed by CoralVue
  5. 5. Guarantee is effective at the date listed on your sales receipt


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  • Good product By Mike's reef on 3/23/2015

    I used it for 1 day and it broke. It's not turning on. I think it's just a defect which happens. Brs is going to look at it and I trust they will resolve the issue. Can't wait to get it set back up.
  • Great design with one flaw By Nick on 1/14/2015

    This is probably the most simple ATO I've ever used. I've been using the Tunze osmolator for years, wanted to switch it up for my 220G DD. This is simple, set the eye where you want the sump level to be, plug the clear tubing into the nano sized pump that it comes with, plug everything in and thats it. The flaw is when the you use the full length of the tubing and the water level in the reservoir is higher than the sump level. This creates a siphon, easy fix though, just don't use all the tubing and try to not to have your ATO reservoir higher than the sump!
  • Nice but annoying By marion on 1/13/2015

    I like the ATO and it does exactly what I need but the most annoying part about it is that when the RODI water is low and the alert sounds, you have to physically unplug it to reset it after you have filled your reservoir. A button or an automated function that would reset itself would improve this device a ton. So now you need to keep it in a location where you can easily reach it....every day. After reading some of the other reviews and hearing about the high water alert, I wonder if something is wrong with mine because the alert never sounds when there is too much water.
  • Bad Operating Design - OVERFLOW ALARM By Pipe Doctor on 12/25/2014

    I've used mechanical ATO's for several years and work directly off my RO/DI unit and decided to try an electronic ATO. The Tunze was too complicated with poorly written English manual. Then I tried the AutoAqua. Nice with one MAJOR FLAW - I use an Apex Neptune controller and when the system feeds, the return pump turns off and raises the water level in the sump which causes a NON-RESETTABLE overflow error on the ATO. When you feed multiple times a day, this ATO becomes a complete waste. Now I use Avast ATO which I wire directly to my Neptune breakout box which turns on a small pump from my top off water tank. If anyone wants a practically new ATO, look me up on ReefCentral.
  • Worth the wait By Ryan on 11/30/2014

    I waited a couple months for this auto top off to come off of backorder but it was worth the wait this thing works flawlessly and when there is something wrong it lets you know whether it is the eye is blocked or the water is empty to bucket.
  • Works as advertised By Randy on 11/24/2014

    It has been 3 weeks and it has been flawless in my Trigger Systems sump. I do unplug its power when I do water changes,
    so I don't get any alarms when the sump level rises. As soon as The levels are back to normal I plug it back in and it resets and runs normally. Best feature is the small pump which slips right into a 5 gallon Jug with no problem.
  • Nice idea, but needs work By Scott on 11/19/2014

    I bought this for my 180 gallon and have it installed in my 125 gallon sump. I have to reset this thing daily. What I've found is that anytime there is an overflow condition the alarm goes off as expected, however once the overflow is corrected, it doesn't reset itself. For example, I have an Apex controller that turns off the return pump during feedings, which increases the water volume in the sump (causing the overflow condition). After the feeding cycle has completed and the water level restored to normal in the sump, the ATO stays in the alarm state. So it won't top off until reset. Which is usually when I get home so my salinity levels increase during the day, then drop back down quickly once I reset.

    If your water level in your sump remains fairly constant, go for it. If not, then go with something else.
  • Small accurate and smart! By jeremy on 11/1/2014

    This entire ato is really small. The optical eye can fit in the smallest of sumps or Nanos. The pump is small yet powerful and will fit into just about any change opening you have in mind. I can't imagine this ato taking anyone longer that 2 mins to install. It let's you feel confident that accidents will not Happen. I test things cause I believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This ato will not let itself run for longer than a min with out throwing an alarm. It alarms when it needs water too. Basically it knows it's job and how to do it. It will always error to not add water. Price. Size. Reliability. Intelligence. An easy choice in the world of faulty float switches and over complicated units. Buy this one and save the hassle of the other brands.
  • Works like a charm By chris on 10/25/2014

    I bought this ATO 6 months ago and it has worked just as advertised. I really like how it tops off the water often and in small amounts. Its very quiet and SUPER easy to install. The only downside of the system is that the power cord for the pump is pretty short. You can buy an extension for 20 bucks though. I liked it so much i bought a second one for my other tank. i did have a problem with the second where it sensed that the water was low and started pumping in water and never stopped. I contacted the company and i had a replacement in my mail box in 3 days. amazing product.
  • overfilling condition fix By Patrick on 10/20/2014

    CON: instruction manual didn't tell you everything.

    PRO: easy to install, no moving parts (float switches) smart controller.

    FIX: must overflow conditions occurs do to siphon not breaking from reserve tank to sump, or aquarium. Using the right amount of return tubing and running your line so the siphon breaks after a fill prevents over fill errors. NOTE: as with any ATO I advise you never have too big of an reserve, only enough so you don't cause salinity issues.
  • So Simple but robust By CodeWorker on 10/2/2014

    After reading many about many other products i got this one. very simple to hook up, easy to use, and works with out any floats. It does keep track of how much water is pumped. so if it goes over that amount it will shut off and beep to let you know there is a problem. I have had it work and protect me from adding to much fresh water when i did a water change. i forgot to shut it off and after it added the normal 2 cups it stopped and beeped. it tops off quick and has worked flawless for 6 months now. I am planing on using one on a 16 gallon nano tank soon.
  • Keep Simple easy By SRomero on 9/25/2014

    It's been a year and rocking, not a single beep after installation,simple way to get everything on the perfect level, not frustrating issues with the skimmer, miniature size and 100% reliable.

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