Skimz Monzter SM201 Internal Protein Skimmer

Skimz Monzter SM201 Internal Protein Skimmer
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  • Skimz Monzter SM201 Internal Protein Skimmer
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Skimz Monzter SM201 Internal Protein Skimmer

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Quick Overview

The Skimz E-Series SM201 Internal Protein Skimmer gives you high performance skimming at a great value. Bubble plate design minimizes pre-mature bubble bursting which also reduces height of the skimmer.

  • Rated for tanks 211-528 gallons (800-2000 Liters)

  • BRS Recommended for tanks up to:

    • Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 190 gallons

    • Medium Bioload - 240 gallons

    • Light Bioload - 320 gallons

  • Air intake: 254 GPH (960 LPH), making it capable of handling a higher water throughput.

  • Operating Depth: 7" to 9.5"

  • Low power consumption and high performance

  • Skimmer draws water directly from sump

  • Features a Skimz ES5000 Needlewheel Pump - no feed pump required

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Full Details

Skimz Manufacturer's Manual



  • Integrated cylindrical and cone shape chambers help reduce bubble bursting and surface agitation
  • Bubble Plate Design - reduces turbulence
  • Maximum air flow capacity in compact design
  • Micro-adjustable valve for precise water level control
  • Twist-lock neck for easy collection cup removal
  • Quality construction - CNC machined parts and Georg Fischer fittings
  • Internal application - no feed pump required


Skimmer Specifications:

  • Body Diameter: 7.87" (200mm)
  • Foot Print: 9.21” x 9.21” (234mm x 234mm)
  • Total Height: 21.5” (545mm)
  • Cup Diameter: 201mm


ES5000 Needlewheel Pump Features:

  • Skimz worked with an Italian pump manufacturer, using advanced material for the needlewheel impeller, seamless-coated rare earth magnet for durability and high performance.
  • Air Draw: 254 GPH (960 LPH)
  • Power Consumption: 20 Watts


Skimz Warranty

  • Warranty for Original Purchaser against defective material and workmanship that occurs during normal use.
  • 2 Year Warranty on skimmer body
  • 1 Year Warranty on pump



8 Items

  • Great Skimmer! By Jimmy on 2/23/2017

    Having the pump inside and underneath, and no pvc elbow gate valve contraption definitely saves a ton of space from my older Warner Marine K2. Setup was easy. Finally can open the skimmer body entirely to clean. Skimmer is very consistent and grab terrifically yucky dark skimmate. Running this on my 120g and 40g frag tank.
  • Awesome skimmer By Kelson on 6/24/2016

    Have it running on my 120 that i just set up. Already taking out good gunk from the tank. Worth every penny
  • Excited with anticipation By Craig on 2/14/2016

    While im confident my sm201 will perform great in my new 120 gal setup, I cant get my hands on the theiling roller mat to complete my plumming. I chose the sm201 because I helped my friend redo his system after a total crash and it is great now. I convinced him if he waned to play with the big boys he had to shell out some some cash. Now you have 2 happy customers if I can just find a theiling.
  • One of the most powerful pumps for only 20watts By Sonny on 8/22/2015

    Very powerful and well made. Using it on an 180 gallon reef. The one weakness is the gate valve adjuster(imo).Owned a Dc sm203 and barely bumped it and off it went at the threads. So will be ever so careful with this one. Their foam production is one of the best with the smallest bubbles all the way to the top. That is what you want(imo). When they get real large at the top then waste comer off of them. For only 20 watts quite pump. Hopefully will last. Nothing out there at only 20 watts with this performance.
  • Great By tennesseebob on 7/15/2015

    I haven't had it long, and it is my first skimmer period. But it was easy to set up, began pulling skim in about an hour. Having never used a skimmer of any kind before it took me a while to get the tuning thing down, but once i did it has been pulling stuff about the color of black coffee, but thick. Build quality is great, really solid, all parts fit perfectly. I will likely remain loyal to this product line for all tanks.
  • Day 3 Running skimmer 6-12-2015 By Erica Renee on 6/12/2015

    The skimmer is built out of Very thick high Quality Acrylic.The pump as stated by others is Super Quiet and seems to be over powered . Took me a bit to find the right Combination between the Gate valve (water flow) and air adjustment. The Key seems to be move more water thru the skimmer with lower air level. This Seems to cause less turbulence in the cone moving up the neck. So far its great with one Very minor issue
    The Adjustment Knob for the Gate Valve. Has a small round nut that holds the valve in place. When this nut is tight the Knob is kinda wobbly. (not loose) It has no Resistance . Bumping the skimmer can cause it to move the gate valve but only slightly. So i Found a Teflon washer and added between the trim on the bottom side and this Round washer. teflon allows the valve to turn but does not bind..
    So Far so Good .. OHH The skim it produces is equal to my old skimming running wide open and this one is almost shut down running. So room to grow Near 0 nutrient system with about 260 or so gallons of water .
  • Workhorse, Quality Skimmer By Chris on 10/5/2014

    Had my 201 for about 2.5 years on a 130 gallon system; display standard 75. Overkill yes, but I have no regrets. It still pulls out loads of dry foam. This is a great skimmer. I haven't had any problems pulling nice skimate, dry or wet as I prefer, over the time I've owned it. It makes so many fine bubbles that the reaction chamber's clear acrylic looks like white pvc. It's very quite too. Cleaning is a breeze. If you can provide a stable sump level it's a real set and forget skimmer. It packs a punch for its size. I have mine in a 20G long (only 12 inches wide) and there's more than enough room for my other equipment. Lastly, it's a nice looking skimmer. I know in this hobby quality should always come before aesthetics for equipment, but it's nice to open your stand and see a piece of gear that's doing its job well and is still easy on the eyes after several years of non-stop use.
  • Great skimmer! By Nick on 7/18/2014

    So I've had this skimmer running for a few weeks now and I love it. I originally was looking to purchase a Super Reef Octopus 3000 but the foot print wouldn't allow placement in my sump and the price for the external version was out of my budget. The foot print on this skimz model was just what I needed.

    The skimmer comes disassembled and assembly was very easy. The instructions may need to be updated specifically for this product though. I have to say I was impressed by the build quality of the skimmer in this price range. The acrylic was bonded very clean. The fasteners are all plastic to avoid corrosion and the pump is very quiet with no vibration. Skimmer adjustments are easy with the gate valve and air screw adjustments. You can really dial it in.

    Overall I am happy with my purchase and happy to know that BRS is handling all warranty support so you don't have to worry about contacting someone abroad.

    I hope you will find this review helpful. Happy reefing!