Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH) - Sicce

Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH)
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  • Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH)

Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH) - Sicce

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

The Syncra Silent line of pumps come in many different sizes and will fit most tank needs.  Sicce uses high quality magnets in their pumps, which allows them to spin smoother with less noise than almost all other pumps in their price category.  If your tank needs a high flow return pump, or a smaller pump for a low flow reactor our first choice will always be Sicce.

Quiet, energy-efficient pump for a variety of uses in wet or dry application. Use in salt or freshwater.

  • Output: 714 GPH

  • Maximum Head Height: 9.9 Ft

  • Power Consumption: 48W

  • Inlet: 3/4" Female NPT or 3/4"-1" Hose

  • Outlet: 3/4" Female NPT or 3/4"-1" Hose

  • Dimensions: 4.84" x 3.35" x 4.13"

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Product Questions

How tall is this unit when mounted on the rubber feet? It is 4.13 inches wide, right?
Question by: Paul on May 7, 2015 2:49:00 PM
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Full Details

Sicce Syncra Silent Instruction Manual

Sicce Syncra Silent Spec Sheet


  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty with online registration
  • Synchronous motor and advanced rotor result in 100% silent operation
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Ceramic shaft and bearings
  • Durable rotor and shaft
  • Applications: saltwater aquariums, protein skimmers, indoor fountains
  • Submersible or in-line use
  • 4.30psi
  • 6 Ft cord

Quick Compare - Sicce Syncra Silent Submersible Pumps

Model No. Flow Rate Power Consumption Amps Head Maximum Inlet/Outlet Dimension (Inches)
0.5 185 GPH 8W .12 4 Ft 0.5" - 0.7" 3.5" x 1.9" x 2.8"
1.0 251 GPH 16W .25 5 Ft 0.5" - 0.7" 3.5" x 1.9" x 2.8"
1.5 357 GPH 23W .43 6 Ft 0.6" - 0.8" 4.0" x 2.4" x 3.1"
2.0 568 GPH 35W .65 6.5 Ft 0.8" - 1" 4.8" x 3.3" x 4.1"
3.0 714 GPH 48W .43 9.9 Ft 0.8" - 1" 4.8" x 3.3" x 4.1"
3.5 660 GPH 68W .7 12.5 Ft 1" - 1.2"/0.8" - 1" 6.8" x 3.9" x 4.6"
4.0 951 GPH 85W .85 12.5 Ft 1" - 1.2"/0.8" - 1" 6.8" x 3.9" x 4.6"
5.0 1321 GPH 105W .95 12.6 Ft 1" - 1.2"/0.8" - 1" 6.8" x 3.9" x 4.6"
HF 10.0 2500 GPH 145W 1.7 16.4 Ft 1" Barb - 1" MPT 11.38" x 6.29" x 6.69"
HF 12.0 3200 GPH 165W 1.9 17.05 Ft 1.5" 11.38" x 6.29" x 6.69"
HF 16.0 4200 GPH 190W 2.0 15.4 Ft 1.5" 11.38" x 6.29" x 6.69"


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  • Silent and strong By dmolavi on 2/2/2016

    I was amazed at how strong this pump is, and how quiet it is at the same time. This is perfect for a return pump. High quality, durable, quiet operation.
  • Crazy powerful By Erik on 1/21/2016

    Got this pump for my 55 gallon reef. Pump is crazy powerful had to tune it down with a valve. Reliable and quiet.
  • Great By nathan on 1/10/2016

    Pump is nearly silent and moves more then enough water for my 75 gal display tank, I have it turned all the way down so it doesn't outrun my overflow :)
  • Quiet, as advertised By Howie on 12/18/2015

    This thing is quiet! I also like the fact that it can be used internally or externally. I'm happy with it inside the sump for now, but just for grins I might plumb it for external to see if it's any quieter. Based on the data provided by Sicce, it's pushing about 500 gph from the sump to tank, a distance of about 5 feet. I had some trouble deciding whether to get this one or the 3.5, and decided on this one because it draws almost half the amps for about the same amount of flow at this height. I couldn't be happier.
  • Great Pump. By Robert on 11/24/2015

    I purchased this pump to run two BRS Deluxe Media Reactors. Great pump and silent for my living room display tank. This is a small pump with big power. Works great plenty of power to run both reactors.
  • silent and powerful pump By playboy3468 on 8/17/2015

    first and most important is that i dont even know that the pump even there it is so quiet. so far has been super reliable and thats just as important as it being silent.
  • Excellent and dependable pump By Mike on 6/13/2015

    I have several Sicce pumps that I use on my tank. The most recent addition was a Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump. I am using this to circulate water from my sump through a UV sterilizer. It does an excellent job of moving the volume of water I needed. The pump runs totally silent. I will continue to rely on this brand of pump and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and silent solution.
  • All is well By GoRavens on 3/29/2015

    So far been running this pump a few weeks on my 40 breeder. It's very silent. Now all I need to do is quiet my drain and my system should be whisper quiet.
  • Great! By Patrick of Bay Area Coral on 3/16/2015

    I can never buy any other brand pump again! Top quality build, super silent, and powerful! I can't think of anything negative about this pump. It is definitely worth the price!
  • Great Pump By Luke on 3/10/2015

    I bought this pump to replace an old mag drive. It is virtually silent and has more than enough power for my 75g reef. I tried using it as an external pump but I had problems with plumbing the pump to my return (it kept leaking despite all the Teflon I used). I think It was designed to be run internally but could be used externally if done so properly. I also have one running my Vertex Omega 130 skimmer and I have nothing but good things to say about that one as well.
  • Decent pump for the price By Earnest on 2/23/2015

    This pump is pretty good for the price. I'm using it for a return pump on a 50 rimless. No complaints about it at all.
  • Quiet, powerful By Sean on 2/16/2015

    Does the job it needs to do, plenty of power behind it runs almost silently.

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