Schedule 80 Pipe (Sold in 5 Ft Sections)

5 Sizes of Schedule 80 Pipe - Sold in 5 Ft Sections
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  • 5 Sizes of Schedule 80 Pipe - Sold in 5 Ft Sections
  • Schedule 80 Pipe - Sold in 5 Ft Sections

Quick Overview

PVC Pipes for your plumbing needs. Sold in five (5) feet lengths. More professional look than white Schedule 40 PVC.
  • Quick Overview
PVC Pipes for your plumbing needs. Sold in five (5) feet lengths. More professional look than white Schedule 40 PVC.More

Schedule 80 Pipe (Sold in 5 Ft Sections)

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12" Schedule 80 Pipe (5 ft)
SKU: 207902
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34” Schedule 80 Pipe (5 ft)
SKU: 202700
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1” Schedule 80 Pipe (5 ft)
SKU: 202701
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1 12” Schedule 80 Pipe (5 ft)
SKU: 202702
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2” Schedule 80 Pipe (5 ft)
SKU: 202703
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Full Details

The golden rule of plumbing is that every job takes three trips to the store. While this can be frustrating locally it can be much worse when shopping online. Being short a fitting or two can delay a plumbing project for days. Here are some quick tips to avoid this.

  • Plan your plumbing on paper
  • Don't skimp on unions. Unions allow for easy breakdown and maintenance as well as remove the need for precise elbow placement. Use them as often as possible.
  • When in doubt order extra. We happily accept returns for a full refund (less shipping) on all unused fittings within one month of purchase. A few extra bucks in return shipping is less frustrating than a project delay.
  • For more tips check out our Plumbing Tips Page.


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  • Durable, but could look better By Russ K on 7/3/2015

    These are far from being an eye-sore, so don't get me wrong. However, if your pipes are going to be visible there are a few things you should know.
    1) There is a line of red writing running the length of the pipe. You'll want to rotate so it's not visible.
    2) There are slight color variations between each 5 foot piece. Individually you can't tell, but when you put two pieces next to each other (or joined by a fitting) it becomes visible.
    3) I had ordered two pieces; one piece I considered the "show piece" and used it for my highly visible plumbing. The other piece was scratched and pretty rough going down the length of the pipe.

    Overall I suggest ordering an extra piece or two just in case.
  • Good Pipe By Mike on 4/15/2015

    pipe seems good quality, wish it didn't have the red writing on it though (had to remember to turn the writing away from view when gluing lol)
  • I love it !!!! By Joe on 3/17/2015

    100 x better than schedule 40. If you can afford it, do it.
  • It's a pipe... or is it? By MKaplan on 1/20/2015

    It's a piece of 5' Sch 80 PVC pipe. Not much more that can be said of it than that. I'd maybe describe it as "Dark Grey" as it's closer to that end of the spectrum. But it does look a bit "cleaner" than the white Sch 40.

    That said, something to remember is that at the end of the day, it's the water that your pipe moves that is more important than the way it looks. Sch 80. is extra thick. So for all the small diameter pipes it really starts to cut into the ability of the pipe to move water.
  • Solid Pipe; don't forget it's thicker inside By Brandon on 1/30/2014

    This is a great well made product. I preferred to pay more for SCH 80 than SCH 40 as I wanted my plumbing to be as stealthy as possible (plus the added benefit of seeing salt creep easier) .
  • Great quality By John on 12/28/2013

    Trying to cut this pipe with a hack saw takes a long time and it almost impossible to make a strait cut. I went out and got a chop saw and now I can make perfect cuts every time.
  • HIdes the primer well By William on 3/27/2013

    Really not much to say about this product, at the end of the day it's just PVC. The one thing that I did really like was the dark color. Now I don't have purple and white plumbing as I with past plumbing jobs that I've done.
  • HEAVY DUTY BUT NOT BLACK By kelly on 12/6/2012

    The Sch. 80 is nice heavy duty piping that you won't have to worry about, but it's not black it's gray. Still looks a lot better than white.
  • Great value but inconsistent finish quality By Auggie on 9/13/2012

    Price is definitely great when combined on a $175+ order for free shipping...

    But I really chose schedule 80 for a "cleaner" look than the scratched up, mis-matched white schedule 40 at the local big-box hardware stores. Unfortunately, schedule 80 pipes suffer the same finish quality issues that leave me wanting with white schedule 40's as the two #80 pipes I got from BRS were wholly different shades of grey and they were pretty scratched up. I can deal with the scratches but the mis-matched grey colors really put me off.
  • great looking pipe By chris on 8/5/2012

    This is a great looking product. Gives my plumbing a professional look. Very heady duty
  • Great Price By Dustin on 2/14/2012

    Building a large system that I want to last for years to come. I decided to go all SCH 80 on piping/fittings/valves and the pipe was not easily available in my area during the work week without taking off work. Prices on this shipped beat the prices locally and I don't have to worry about having to have shop cut down 5 foot sections so I could haul it home. Great quality and happy about purchase and price.
  • Heavy Duty By Shawn on 8/30/2011

    This stuff is the way to go. Its durable, thick, easy to work with and the BRS price is an extra bonus.

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