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150 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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150 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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Quick Overview

150 GPD membrane features a 98% rejection rate at 65 PSI which makes it the most commonly used membrane when speed is the primary importance. If you require faster water production and have good water pressure this is one of the better options.

BRS generally recommends the use of the 75 GPD DOW membranes because it offers 98% rejection at easier to obtain water pressures. The higher rejection will result in better quality water and lower DI resin consumption.


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by john on June 18, 2014, @5:28 AM

    will this membrane fit inside a standard membrane housing?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi John,
    It sure will. Just be sure that you have enough water pressure to meet its higher demands and that you change your flow restrictor to a 150gpd flow restrictor (assuming you don't have a 150 already).

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  • by Rocky on February 22, 2014, @4:07 PM

    I have 75 GPD RO DI 5 stage from Bulkreef, then i purchased the 150 GPD upgrade .....so now i have two membranes , what do I use (2 )75 GPD membrane or (2) 150 GPD membrane ? ? ?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Rocky,
    That system would be 2x 75gpd membranes for a total of 150gpd.

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  • by Jamie on November 24, 2013, @8:37 AM

    I have a 75 gpd 4 stage I bought almost two years ago, will 150gpd membrane fit in my 75gpd housing? And will I need anything else for upgrading to the 150 membrane?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Jamie,
    The 150gpd membrane will fit just fine into the same membrane housing. You will need to make sure you also replace the 75gpd flow restrictor with the 150gpd flow restrictor.

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  • by loc on November 29, 2013, @4:48 AM

    how often do we change the membrane?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Loc,
    Assuming you treat them nice by keeping up on the prefilter changes, proper flushing, etc, they will generally last 3-5 years and can even last much longer.

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Full Details

Flow and rejection rates are based on the following:

  • 550ppm soften water
  • 65 PSI
  • 77 degree water
  • 15% Permeate Recovery
  • Data taken after 30 minutes of operation

It is very important that the water pressure going into the membrane be at least 65 PSI or the membrane will not function at specified rates.


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  • YOLO By Cookie P on 3/5/2014

    Works as it should, no problems installing, no leaks.
  • it works well By paul on 7/10/2013

    it works very well.
  • Insane in the membrane By Corey on 11/23/2012

    Wow, this thing puts out a nice stream of high quality H20! Just make sure you have the line pressure to run it. High rejection rate membrane showing 0 TDS out the product line.
  • Great Membrane for Great Price By Shannon on 7/19/2012

    This is the first time that I have ever brought this product, as I usually have a 100 GPD Membrane for my tank.

    After changing, the water is clear & the algae problem i am having is clearing up nicely, there is no new growth. My RO/DI water was reading extremely high & now it is back to zero ppm.

    This membrane is also at a very good price, as others I have priced are much higher. I will defiantly be buying this product again.
  • Great product By Scott Nelson on 4/21/2012

    This works as advertised. Crystal clear and pollutant free. I replaced my 75GPD membrane with this and it works as expected. BRS is a great place to get all these kind of materials
  • Great Membrane But. By Dana on 4/11/2012

    First I want to thank Lou in tech support He took time with me to make sure I had everything hooked up correctly. I had a 60 gpd. unit before I switched . To make a long story short Check what size booster pump you have. You definitely need the aqua tech 8800 if you want full output. Also if your using a saddle valve get rid of it as you need more volume than it can provide. After those changes the pump will put out 100 psi. if you need it. I also have 50 ft of 1/4 inch tubing in a cooler with 2 heaters to help warm the water need to add more heaters now the flow rate is to fast and comes out a little cooler now. But getting 2 tds. out with 95 tds. coming in. and 125 gallons per 24hrs. I'm sure once I get the water temp up to 75 Deg. it should be very close to 150. Thanks for all the help Guy's

  • awesome By kyle on 10/26/2011

    i had a small 36 gpd membrane in my unit before this one. added this and it takes a fraction of the time to produce large volumes of water. a must for the impatient ones like me :)
  • Fanastic By SarahW on 9/17/2011

    Upgraded my Coralife Pure-Flo II RO 50 gpd unit and I am so glad I did. Make sure you get the correct restrictor if you don't already have it.
  • Good quality membrane By Bud on 8/17/2011

    I originally had a cheapo ebay membrane that failed after 6 months of heavy use. I ordered this one and it came with a new housing and everything (which I didn't expect). My pressure is about 55-60 PSI and water temp 65F so I get about 65 GPD from this membrane, but the TDS is much better (bad water here).
  • I have 3 of these in series. By Steve on 1/5/2011

    I just moved and had to refill my 300gl tank and 120gl sump. I ordered 3 new membranes and have them in series to save water and fill my tank much faster. After filling both I still have 0 TDS out of these and am still very happy. Most people tank a while to get 450 gallons out of their RO/DI, I did this in 24 hours.
  • Great Membrane! By Zeph on 8/7/2010

    I'm using two of these in series at the moment, after a third 100GPD membrane (which I will be replacing with another one of these in the near future), and am using a booster pump just to ensure I have good pressure with a good amount of flush water. I'm running at 100psi and getting around 25 gallons per hour. The water quality is great! I use it for washing cars and they always dry spot-free now.

    I'm using over 1000 gallons a week right now and have had no issues so far. I would highly recommend these membranes to anyone that has a high-volume need for pure water, they truly are great!
  • Great membrane By Robert Davies on 4/19/2010

    Does what it suppose to do.Great product.

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