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Aiptasia-X by Red Sea
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  • Aiptasia-X by Red Sea
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Quick Overview

Highly effective and reef safe. Aiptasia-X eradicates Aiptasia and its larvae from your tank. The special formula of natural components form a thick, adhesive material which, once ingested, seals shut the mouth of nuisance anemones. Shortly after ingestion, the material cause the Aiptasia to implode and destroys the anemone and its planula.
  • Quick Overview
Highly effective and reef safe. Aiptasia-X eradicates Aiptasia and its larvae from your tank. The special formula of natural components form a thick, adhesive material which, once ingested, seals shut the mouth of nuisance anemones. Shortly after ingestion, the material cause the Aiptasia to implode and destroys the anemone and its planula.More )

Red Sea Aiptasia-X

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Product Questions

Can this product be used to kill spreading xenia.
Question by: Bradley Osullivan on Apr 28, 2016 9:36:00 PM
Great question!
This is not intended for eliminating Xenia and while it may impact the, it would most likely not eliminate them. Ideally manually removal, or even harsh treatment like mixing a sludge of Kalkwasser will help to kill Xenia well. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Apr 29, 2016 2:25:00 PM
I'm assuming since its considered reef safe that it wouldn't hurt my bubble tip anemones?
Question by: Otto on Feb 25, 2014 12:53:00 PM
Hi Otto,
It wouldn't hurt your anemones to use it in the same tank but I can't imagine you would want to inject your BTA's with it :-)
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Feb 25, 2014 12:53:00 PM

Full Details

In an exciting development for reef-keepers Red Sea has developed a unique patent pending formula to treat the pest anemones Aiptasia sp., Anemonia majano and Boloceroides sp.

Aiptasia (otherwise known as glass anemones) are often introduced via live rock or corals and can quickly reach plague proportions in marine aquaria, destroying corals and other marine livestock with devastating effect.
Existing treatments are often unsuccessful as when threatened Aiptasia quickly retract into holes in the rock and release planula (larvae) in to the aquarium which can rapidly develop in to full anemones. Additionally any part of the anemone’s body left attached to a rock can regenerate into a full anemone. Many treatments can therefore lead to a proliferation rather than the removal of Aiptasia.

Through research and development carried out by Red Sea Aiptasia-X was created. This product overcomes the problems usually associated with Aiptasia treatments thanks to its unique formula.

Aiptasia-X consists of natural components which form a uniquely thick, adhesive material. Instead of causing the Aiptasia to feel threatened, the unique formula is sensed as food stimulating the anemone to expand and ingest the material. The adhesive form of the treatment makes both the application of the material easy as well as sealing the anemone’s mouth preventing any release of planula. Within minutes of applying the material the Aiptasia will implode, eradicating both the anemone and its planula.

Red Sea’s new treatment is completely reef-safe and any material not ingested by the Aiptasia is harmless to sessile invertebrates. Excess material will decay harmlessly over time without any adverse consequences.

Easy to use and highly effective, Aiptasia-X provides a solution long sought-after by almost every reef-keeper at one time or another in the life of their aquarium.

The Aiptasia-X kit includes a 60ml bottle of material plus an applicator set consisting of a syringe with 2 (straight and angled) lock-on applicator tips enabling treatment of even the most inaccessible of anemones. The 60ml provided in the kit should be sufficient to treat approximately 100 Aiptasia anemones.


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  • Best Aiptasia Liquid By RiversideGator on 3/31/2016

    This is the best Aiptasia liquid in my opinion. This treatment comes in a larger bottle than most and has a generous amount of liquid. This treatment also comes with the best applicators in my opinion. This works good but Aiptasia is hard to control and usually comes back. Keeping it under control is key and this works.
  • Awesome By Ian on 3/7/2016

    Works really well. They die in a matter of minutes. Any excess doesn't seem to bother any corals or any of the fish decide they want to eat it
  • Just Works By Kevin on 2/16/2016

    Works as advertised; just make sure you turn off your pumps and powerheads for a while so the solution doesn't get blown off the aptasia. Took several applications (3x) to get rid of all the aptasia. I still have about 90% of the 2oz (60ml) solution left!
  • Does not work By Brian on 12/29/2015

    This stuff might kill a few aiptasia but they will come back and then some. I've used this stuff over the course of a year. I spread it on the mouths, body, everywhere, with the pumps off for up to 30 minutes. You might notice them gone the next day but give it a couple weeks and they will return.
  • Excellent Product!! By Salty Dog on 9/24/2015

    Highly recommend Aiptasia X for ridding your tank of those pesky anemones. Was concerned with some reviews concerning ill affects on Blennys but simply didn't see it. Throw in a few Peppermint Shrimp to clean up the hidden ones and all's good in the 140g!!
  • It did the deed. By RogerC12 on 8/3/2015

    I wasn't expecting this to work but it really does work and I now have no aptasia in my tank. It's cool to watch them implode.
  • good stuff By guy on 5/4/2015

    It really works and easy to use
  • Great product By Bo on 3/26/2015

    Huge bottle, well worth it.
  • Works as advertised By eric on 3/22/2015

    Had some hitch-hikers with a live rock purchased from my lfs, this eliminated the aiptasia within a few days. I was impressed.
  • Aiptasia, NO MORE! By Jamie&Cora on 2/23/2015

    We initially started using Aiptasia-X when we first got into Reefing and tried other brands to see what was out there. Aiptasia-X is by far the BEST product on the market to control and eventually eradicate these pests from your aquarium. We highly recommend this product! In addition, BRS keeps the price point very affordable.
  • great product By Robert on 2/17/2015

    I had a ton a aiptasia in my 26 gallon nano. there must have been atleast 20+ in my tank. I was actually going the high powered laser burning route ( you can find them pretty cheap. not sure about the quality) anyway i was waiting for my laser via slow mail from china and got impatient so i ordered aiptasia x. it killed them all aleast the ones i didnt miss and i had some big ones. great product
  • Outstanding Product By Kevin on 2/11/2015

    I had a single Aiptasia sneak a ride on a piece of live rock I got when I picked up a new piece of coral recently. After doing some research on different ways to kill it before it spread, I went with Aiptasia-X based on everything i'd seen and heard about the product.

    Happy to say, after a single dose, and first attempt applying the product, the hitchiker is dead. It's been probably 3 weeks now and no return or new sprouts.

    Very easy to use, very effective, and the quantity supplied is very generous. Instructions say 100 doses, seems pretty close based on how little is used.

    Glowing Recommendation, extremely happy with the product and results!

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