PMUP Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump - Neptune Systems

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PMUP Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump - Neptune Systems

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Quick Overview

The perfect accessory to any Apex Controller System.

The Neptune PMUP (Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump) is great for providing water to feed carbon reactors, and most importantly it can be used  as a top off pump. With either the EnergyBar832 or the 1Link Flow Control Module, you can provide power and control directly to the pump without consuming any additional outlets or bulky power supplies.

  • Perfect for ATO systems

  • Feed carbon reactors

  • Fits in common water jugs (2.25" Diameter)

  • Works with 3/8" Push Connect fittings

  • Fully controlled by the Neptune Apex Controller

  • 1Link DC24v Connection


Note: 1Link Flow Control Module or EnergyBar832 required for use.


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Product Questions

I have a BRS dual reactor with the silcone tubing kit. What parts do I need to purchase to connect the pump to the intake hose?
Question by: Tim Chalmers on Apr 15, 2017 11:09:00 AM
Hey there,
While this pump is versatile enough to fill a number of roles, it's not quite powerful enough to tumble media in the BRS reactors and we don't currently recommend it for this purpose.

Answer by: Zack (Admin) on Apr 25, 2017 9:09:00 AM
I have a DOS, will the 1link port on the DOS power this up and provide connection?
Question by: Mac on Sep 28, 2016 8:10:00 AM
Hey Mac,
The 1 link port on the DOS is input only, it cannot be used to power or control other modules. If you have any other questions, let us know!
Answer by: Jason Smith (Admin) on Oct 11, 2016 12:35:00 PM
Here we go , will this work on the Classic Apex? or is this for the newer Apex only?
Question by: Jim on Aug 11, 2016 1:04:00 PM
Great question! This will work with the classic Apex, however you will need a 1-Link module in order to connect. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Aug 15, 2016 7:13:00 PM
Is there a way to make this work with the previous model of Apex? Thanks.
Question by: Paul on Aug 11, 2016 2:09:00 PM
You certainly can, you will need a 1link module to connect this pump to the previous generation apex.
Answer by: Jason Smith (Admin) on Aug 16, 2016 8:48:00 AM

Full Details

Neptune has created a marvelous little (but powerful) pump that now gives your Apex Controller even more options. Easily fitting in most common ATO reservoirs, and having a head height of over 12 feet means that it can even pump water up a full story in most common households.


Connecting the PMUP to the 1Link module or EnergyBar832 gives you full on/off switchable control just like any other outlet. The PMUP connects through a 24V connection that comes prewired to the pump and will directly connect to the 24V accessory ports on the 1Link modules or EB832.


Plumbing to the pump is easier than ever with its 3/8" output you can connect any 3/8" ID tubing or you connect to common calcium, carbon, and GFO reactor tubing with the use of push connect unions or reducing push connect unions.



  • Output Size - 3/8"
  • Max Flow - 100 gph @ 0'
  • Max Head Height - 14'
  • Diameter - 2.25"
  • Height - 4.60"
  • Cord Length - 6'
  • Power - 24VDC 17W


What's Included?

1x - PMUP w/ 6' 1Link DC24V connection cable


What's Required?

  • Apex Controller
  • 1Link Module or EnergyBar832


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4 Items

  • Workhorse By Chad on 3/8/2017

    This is a nice little workhorse. I use one for water changes just to push water back and forth between buckets and to refill the built-in ATO container in the Skimz sump. It's quiet and efficient. I'd like to see it a little higher GPH so it can be used as a supply pump for media reactors.
  • Great Little Pump! By Jim C on 9/8/2016

    I purchased two of these pumps to work with my new Apex model. I have them set up as an automatic water exchange to pump out old water from my 150 gallon reef tank directly to a waste line and then back from my water mixing station in the basement. The pump in the basement pumps fresh saltwater vertically 13 feet to the tank above with no problem. The head pressure is great! seamlessly integration with my apex unit and simple to program.
  • Quality pump, seamless integration into Apex By Jim on 9/6/2016

    Great add on to Apex system. It was very easy to add to Apex system as an ATO pump. My only criticism is that the pump is has a higher flow rate than I would like in an ATO pump, resulting in very short "on" cycle. I had to program in a minimum run time to keep it for switching off in less than one second on my 30g sump(150g DT)
  • Works great.... simple to configure By Rupert on 8/22/2016

    Wow a product from Neptune that worked out of the box and was super simple to configure.

    I was pleasantly surprised.