Marineland Maxi-Jet Powerhead 1200

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Marineland Maxi-Jet Powerhead 1200

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Quick Overview

This Marineland Maxi-jet pump comes with two modes: a powerhead mode and a circulation mode.

  • Powerhead Flow Rate: 295 GPH
  • Circulation Flow Rate: 1300 GPH
  • Max Head Pressure: 6 Ft
  • 20 Watts
  • Inlet: fits 3/4" ID tube
  • Outlet: fits 1/2 tube
  • Pump Dimensions: 3.25" x 3.5" x 2"


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Full Details

NOTE:This pump is not intended for use with a reactor or other back pressure situations as it will be significantly louder than in other operations. For reactors or other situations, BRS recommends the Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200.

The Marineland Maxi-Jet aquarium powerhead (pump) is ideal for creating internal water movement from its fully rotational output. The Maxi-Jet incorporates a venturi aeration device to provide optimal aeration and gas exchange in the aquarium. A silencer keeps the venturi aeration device operating quietly. An adjustable air filter permits the user to fine-tune air volume and water mixing as desired. Design includes optional high flow impeller and shroud allowing you to transform the Maxi-Jet into a high flow, more dispersed powerhead.

Quick Compare - Maxi-Jet Powerhead Pumps

Model Flow Rate Circulation Flow Rate Maximum Head Pressure Watts Inlet/Outlet Dimensions
Maxi-Jet 400 110 GPH 500 GPH 3 Ft. 8 3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube 3.25" x 3.5" x 2"

Maxi-Jet 600

160 GPH

750 GPH 

3.5 Ft. 


3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube

3.25" x 3.5" x 2"

Maxi-Jet 900

230 GPH

1000 GPH

4 Ft.


3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube

3.25" x 3.5" x 2"

Maxi-Jet 1200

295 GPH

1300 GPH

6 Ft.


3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube

3.25" x 3.5" x 2"



  • DONT BUY THIS NOISE! By Hames on 1/14/2015

    I am surprised BRS would sell such a terrible product. The second I installed this pump my entire apartment became a humming disco. Super Loud, Super bad. Stay away!
  • not powerful enough By rscusmc on 1/11/2015

    With a title of Marineland Maxi-Jet Powerhead 1200 you would think it was going to put out some power but this is not the case. I have two one in each of my water storage containers and they do not put out enough power to mix my salt water in 44 gal cans. So I would suggest getting something much better. Don't waste your money.
  • You get what you pay for By Thomas on 12/30/2014

    Used this for my biopellet reactor. Worked fine for a couple of days and then the impeller broke. Informed BRS about it and they quickly sent a replacement. Great customer service! If you're looking to save a little money then try this. If you want something that is going to run with no issues finding something else.
  • noisy By yummy on 12/7/2014

    Bought for reactor pump. Very noisy pump buto gets the job done.
  • Use to move water - not as a powerhead By Andrew on 11/5/2014

    I use this small pump to move water from mixing buckets into sump, etc. I use the ecotechs for in-tank powerheads. This small pump along with a vinyl hose is very useful for moving water around from tank to sump to bucket etc.
  • COMPLETE GARBAGE By DieselSmoke on 9/26/2014

    just got two days ago they fell apart after two days i use the for a powerhead don't waste your money
  • Only 1 good out of 3 By Dan on 6/20/2014

    This pump is not a quality pump for the serious reefer. I have purchased three of these pumps because they were highlighted as recommended for driving the reactors I placed on my reef. I had to replace the impellers on 2 out of 3 because the pump was not providing pressure. Marineland customer service was very good about sending me replacements but it just seems like a lot of effort to get working correctly.
  • You have been advised, so don't complain By Mike on 3/29/2014

    BRS was very upfront it letting any buyers know that this pump will make noise if used in a back-pressure application. I purchased them because I was more interested in using them as a low-cost wavemaker due to the fact they are also packaged with a propeller style impeller and a shroud that fits it. When I assembled and tested it this way, I was disappointed at the loud buzzing sound it made when running. I then discovered why: there was a manufacturing issue with the magnet attached to the propeller. The hole for the shaft was slightly off-center, so the propeller assembly vibrated when running. I observed the magnet for the standard impeller in the kit didn't have this flaw, so I just pulled the parts apart and swapped the magnet portions, and problem solved. Yes, these pumps in propeller mode can chatter somewhat on startup, but if used in a continuous application this shouldn't be too much of a bother.
  • Noisy By Tek on 1/7/2014

    Not as quiet as the old MaxiJet pumps. Makes noise when used to mix saltwater and even more noise when used with a reactor. Spend a bit more and get a pump with a ceramic shaft.
  • Not good By gatorGRAFIX on 12/25/2013

    I bought one of these as recommended in the BSR video for the Deluxe GFO reactor. Hooked it up in my sump and plumed it as in the video. It IS loud and it will hardly tumble my GFO at all unless I fill it about 20% full. Tech was no help either. Very disappointed. Guess I'll have to spend more money on a better pump. Fiddled with it for weeks. :(
  • Wow, lots of accessories By Bryan on 10/8/2013

    MJ's have always been reliable. I hadn't bought one in years and wow, it comes with a lot of attachments now to convert to whatever you want. Well worth the cost.
  • Shocked me after about a year of use for water changes By Dangerous on 8/6/2013

    I used this pump to perform routine water changes for about a year. One day I was doing a water change and went to pump the new water into the tank and there was a loud popping sound which resulted in a strong shock and smoke coming out of the unit. For some reason the GFCI did not trip but I will never buy one of these pumps again.

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