BRS Thick Gel Super Glue

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BRS Thick Gel Super Glue

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Quick Overview

1 oz Bottle Thick Gel Super Glue

BRS ThickGel Super Glue is 100% reef safe and perfect for attaching corals to frags or your rock work. The bottles come with the needle in the cap to keep the glue running freely between uses.


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Product Questions

Is this glue the same as cyanoacrylate glue, so cyanoacrylate glue would be reef safe as well?
Question by: Mark on May 3, 2014 5:26:00 AM
Hi Mark,
Our glue is a cyanoacrylate glue and it does happen to be reef safe, however that does not mean that other cyanoacrylate based glues are automatically reef safe. There could be other additives or chemicals in them and you would want to contact the manufacturer of the glue to find out if it is reef safe.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on May 3, 2014 5:26:00 AM

Full Details

BRS offers the glue in two types – Extra Thick Gel and Thick Gel. Both are very inexpensive so we suggest trying both, you will find each one is best for different applications.We also offer the glue in 20 gram tubes which some reefers find more convenient.

Thick Gel - This is a thick glue somewhere between normal super glue and extra thick gel. We find this to dry faster and work best when you have to flat surfaces to bond



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  • 50/50 By Rob on 1/24/2016

    One bottle is thick and the other bottle runny. Shouldn't call it it "thick gel" when it's not always thick.
  • Horrible By mguili1947 on 9/8/2015

    I purchased about 4 bottles,the glue was like caulk and wouldn't come out of the squeeze container.
  • Worked okay By Jessica on 9/4/2015

    I bought this by mistake on a re-order. I meant to order the extra thick gel which works much better for my application. In comparison to the extra thick gel this did not work well on an incline. I'm sure it would work fine for mounting frags to plugs or discs outside a tank long enough to set. I would suggest the extra thick over this.
  • Stuck it together By Bruce on 7/12/2015

    Used this to glue some replacement magnets to some egg crate and made a small frag rack
  • glued Starburst Polyp By Felix on 6/15/2015

    I used this to glue Starburst Polyp onto live rocks under water (apply the glue outside water). Works well (use liberally is better). I think this one is better than the extra-thick glue (I tried both).
  • Used better By Stephen on 5/6/2015

    I feel that you really have to use a lot to get it to stick, and even then it does not seem to have much of a bond.
  • Remove the word thick By b7fig on 4/22/2015

    This is not thick at all. It is Very runny. This is no better then run of the milll super glue. Look elsewhere if you want thick gule
  • solid By dre on 4/13/2015

    This is a solid product. The thick gel holds well under water while I'm placing corals.
  • More liquid than gel By Tek on 11/25/2014

    It was running off the frag as I was applying. The bottle was shaken and it still ran off with each drop.

    I would recommend the extra thick gel instead offered at BRS.
  • Good product. Did not work for me though. By Harry on 12/9/2013

    Would not bond to my rocks at all. But I am still a newbie so may not have used it correctly. Went with epoxy for my needs.
  • Sticks only if the surface is clean. By Andrew2 on 9/20/2013

    I know it may sound silly but all my rocks have at least a small amount of algae growing on them. I applied allot of glue twice but it doesn't stick to the rock at all. I will try epoxy with it but it really didn't do the trick at all. My clown fish finds it funny to knock my frags into the sand and it still does glue or no glue...
  • sticks like glue By dru234 on 8/29/2013

    great glue. Unlike the competition I was able to use the entire bottle.The price is excellent. It is especially effective when used in conjunction with two part epoxy. A little glue on the frag bottom,mold the still pliable epoxy to the bottom then a little glue to the underside of the epoxy, then mold the glue/epoxy to the rock. Sticks like glue