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VeggieMag - Magnetic Floating SeaVeggies Clip

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VeggieMag - Magnetic Floating SeaVeggies Clip

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Quick Overview

The VeggieMag uses a strong magnet to hold your SeaVeggies clip in place on windows up to 3/4” thick. Easy to position at any level in the aquarium and easy to retrieve because it floats.

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Full Details

The VeggieMag uses a strong magnet to hold your SeaVeggies clip in place on windows up to 3/4” thick. Easy to position at any level in the aquarium and easy to retrieve because it floats.


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  • Works great By Jbnewb on 3/18/2015

    Great that it floats making attaching food easy since the teeth are pointed upward.
  • Good product. By ianfaulk on 3/8/2015

    This product works as it should I just have one problem with it, I think it should have a different type of material on the magnet on the exterior of the glass.
  • no bueno By Brian on 1/3/2015

    It free spins like a pinwheel. I was expecting it to be a fixed clip. (like a magnet clip that goes on your fridge) My fish are not cool with how it spins and swings with the current. It's comical, kinda. It wants to naturally float up-side-down. The magnets double a suction cups making it annoying to move around.
  • Veggie feeder must have By Dewey on 12/31/2014

    Holds up against powerhead and large foxface constantly tugging on veggie sheets
  • Good By Ghis on 12/22/2014

    Very good product
  • Great feeding tool By Conny on 11/15/2014

    Clips performs as described. Would recommend for all types of fish - especially tangs
  • Easy to use By Mohamed on 10/25/2014

    I’ve been using the VeggieMAG for about 3 months now, don’t have any issues with it in my 10mm glass tank, I use it at about one Ft away from my MP40 and it usually running at %100 power. Being a magnet holder it’s easy to move it around without putting your hand in tank.
  • Weak magnet By Steve on 5/19/2014

    Doesn't perform as described. Typical Reef Tank current alone will knock this off ¾” thick glass.
  • Veggie Mag By cominatyalive on 5/12/2014

    Was tired of using those suction cup clips that forces you to have to put your whole arm into the tank just to secure it, also the clips never open that wide to be able to secure a leaf of romain without forcing the stalk into the clip. With The Veggie mag, the jaw opens nice and wide and also, since it is a magnet, you can just slide it down with the outer magnet without putting a single finger in your tank water. Way to go Veggie Mag!
  • So far so good By Jt on 11/16/2013

    I've had mine for 6 months and it works great. I like that the clip floats to the surface because one of my tangs tries to go for any nori that sticks out of the bottom of the clip and dislodges the clip. Maybe a version for thicker glass with larger magnets. Like the others I had to reglue the outside magnet part and it is for this reason and the price that it didn't get 5 stars.
  • not the best quality By Keith on 8/21/2013

    have bought two so far. first one, the magnet fell out had to be glued back together. then after a few months the white clip snapped in half. bought another one and after a few months that one broke in half too. :(
  • It works By Robert on 7/28/2013

    The best thing about this type of clip is that you do not have to put your hand and arm into the tank. You simply clip the veggie and then from the outside drag it down to the lower part of the tank.

    As soon as I do, the tangs come rushing to eat it.

    I tried the suction cup type but either you leave it at the top or you stick your arm in to get it to the bottom of the tank. Why do this when you can use this magnetic clip.

    Quality is ok but works fine...that is why it only gets 4 stars, but for the cost, what do you want.

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