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Quick Overview

Aquaforst Probiotic Method

Aquaforest's Probiotic Reef Salt is an entirely synthetic salt that is designed for corals but will work especially well for SPS corals.

Three Sizes Available:

  • 10 kg Bucket - Makes up to 65 gallons*

  • 22 kg Bucket - Makes up to 145 gallons*

  • 25 kg Box - Makes up to 170 gallons*


*Mixing @ 33ppt

  • Quick Overview

Aquaforst Probiotic Method

Aquaforest's Probiotic Reef Salt is an entirely synthetic salt that is designed for corals but will work especially well for SPS corals.

Three Sizes Available:

  • 10 kg Bucket - Makes up to 65 gallons*
  • 22 kg Bucket - Makes up to 145 gallons*
  • 25 kg Box - Makes up to 170 gallons*


*Mixing @ 33ppt

Probiotic Reef Salt - Aquaforest

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Full Details

Aquaforest Systems Guide


Probiotic Reef Salt helps create the perfect environment to help stimulate the growth of microorganisms, like bacteria and fauna. With micro and macro nutrients integrated into the mixture, increasing your coral's coloration and growth. While the Probiotic bacteria greatly reduces phosphates and nitrates while preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the reef tank.

  • Contains Amino Acids
  • Probiotic Bacteria
  • Reduces Phosphate and Nitrate
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Can use immediately after mixing


How to Choose a Salt Mix:

it is very important to take your tanks requirements into account when choosing a salt mix. We suggest selecting a salt that closely resembled the balance of elements that is most similar to the range you wish to keep them at in your aquarium. 



Cl – 19000-19500 mg/l

Na – 10500-10600 mg/l

Mg – 1300-1380 mg/l

S – 840-890 mg/l

Ca – 410-440 mg/l

K – 380-400 mg/l

Br – 60-70 mg/l

F – 1.2-1.5 mg/l

Fe – 0.05-0.06 mg/l

Sr – 8-9 mg/l

dKH – 7.2-8.0

pH – 7.8-8.2


Mixing Instructions:

Dissolve salt with RO/DI water in a clean container. To achieve a salinity of 33 ppt, we suggest starting with 1 kg (2.2lbs) of Probiotic reef salt per 7 gallons (26 liters) of RO/DI water. Stir the mixture vigorously until it is fully dissolved and clear. Once the solution is transparent check the salinity with a refractometer and then it can be used right away.


Note: We highly recommend heating your freshly made saltwater to match your tanks temperature, allowing for the best results.


Aquaforest Probiotic Method

The Aquaforest probiotic method is composed of carefully selected bacteria in an effort to reduce levels of nitrates and phosphates in the reef aquarium. It is highly recommended for seasoned aquarists that understand basic aquarium chemistry since it will be creating an ultra low nutrient system (ULNS). A powerful protein skimmer, strong circulation, and testing is required for the probiotic method as well. With a ULNS system, it is required to have a precise dosing system to keep amino acids, vitamins, and food available for the corals or starvation may happen.


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10 Items

  • Mybe the best salt By GARY on 4/21/2017

    I love this salt ! It mixes fast without any residual!
    My numbers are spot on and my tank has never looked better. And my Corel's are very happy!
  • Nice salt mix By Brandon on 4/15/2017

    I recently decided to give this a try after using the Reef Salt. Overall, nice quality and mixes well. I did notice that I use significantly more salt to mix to 1.026 per 10 gallons. With the Reef Salt I would use 2.25 pounds of salt per 10 gallons. With the Probiotic, I am at 3.4 pounds of salt to mix to 1.026. Not necessarily a bad thing, it just ends up being more expensive all the way around. I might just go back to the Reef Salt and dose accordingly. Depends on if I see a crazy amount of growth/coloration difference in the next few weeks.
  • Fish and Corals love it By Reyes on 4/13/2017

    Right after I switched my fish and coral started moving around a lot more and looking happier then ever the price is a little high but well worth it
  • Best salt I have ever used By Mark on 3/11/2017

    I love science and testing, however; it is hard to argue with the salts. My SPS corals are fully extended and growing fast. Water is crystal clear. Results are hard to match. Waited until I finished my first 22 kg bucket to complete my review. After a water change in my 90 gallon tank, I test a few days later and all my parameters look great (alk, calcium, mg, mitrate). Love this salt.
  • Number one Salt hands down! By michael on 2/27/2017

    This salt has revitalized my reef! Since I've switched to the Aquaforest brand of salt, I've also incorporated all of the Aquaforest products into my maintenance schedule . My reef has exploded into life! Nutrients are much easier to control and my SPS corals have never been happier! BRS rocks for supplying the full Aquaforest line of products!
  • Terrible probuct By Chris on 2/5/2017

    I just received my order of aqua forest pro biotic reef salt Friday from bulk reef supplies and today I made up 24 gallons of salt mix to do a water with and when I tested the parameters of the aqua forest pro biotic reef salt mix I was surprised to find out that my parameters of the new mix were all off the chart but alkalinity. I tested with new test kits.

    Alk = 7.7
    Ca = 500 +
    Mg = 1500 +

    I'm very disappointed in that I spent $90 for salt that just is a waste of money.

  • Mixes absolutely clear! By Bobaloo on 1/28/2017

    I use to use another brand of salt that is made in Germany but not anymore! This salt is so easy to mix and dissolves so quickly that it makes changing your reef's water a snap! No longer do I have to wait for this mixture to clear up and best of all, it's ready to use. Once again, BRS made the right choice by carrying the Aqua Forest line of products for the reefing community and by far is the best salt I've used to date! I highly recommend this product, you won't be disappointed.
  • Awesome Salt!! By Jon on 11/12/2016

    First of all THANK YOU BRS for finally getting these products!! AF Salt is amazing, always mixes clear and ready to use. Have been using the AF line for about 7 months and results have been great so far
  • you can see the difference! By arash on 11/12/2016

    I've tried this in my 100G and it is noticeably better than other synthetic salts like zeovit and HW
  • the best PRODUCTS t in the market !!!! By johann g on 11/10/2016

    a w s o m e e e e e e e...nothing compare to this...aquaforest product i think is number one in the market right now ...i try a lot of brand...salt ,aditives,filter media...all under this brand is number ONE!!!!