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Returns & Replacements

Returns Require a Completed RMA Form and an RMA Number to be Processed

Please call or contact us for your RMA number before returning your item(s). All returned items must be in completely unopened, new and unused condition. We are unable to accept returns on an item that is used or the items packaging has been damaged or altered.

Unused Items

We will accept returns on any unused and unopened items 30 days from the delivery date. Customers wishing to make a return must contact us for an RMA (see above) within 30 days from the delivery date. Customers are responsible for the return shipping cost. BulkReefSupply.com does not charge restocking fees, but original shipping cost will be deducted from the final refund. Refunds are given after goods arrive at our warehouse in their original unopened and unused condition. Under no circumstances are opened or used products accepted for return. Opened and used products will be refused and returned to the sender.

Items Damaged in Transit

If an item is damaged in transit, we will replace the item free of charge and cover the cost of shipping the replacement. Please keep the damaged product and packaging, as UPS may inspect the package to evaluate it for insurance purposes. If your product arrives damaged, you must contact us within 3 days from arrival date or we cannot honor the return. Emailing us pictures of the damage isn't always necessary, but it is greatly appreciated. Please open the package and inspect items for damage immediately upon arrival.

Shipping Cost Deduction for Orders Shipped with a Free Shipping Promotion

If your order was placed under a free shipping promotion the original shipping cost for that item will be deducted from your refund. If the return brings your order value under the $175 free shipping threshold shipping will applied to your order and deducted from your refund.


While our staff is very knowledgeable on most of the items we sell, no one knows the products better than the manufacturer. They are all going to be best equipped to troubleshoot any issues you might be having because they have encountered them before and can provide an immediate resolution. The manufacturer is also the best source for replacement or missing parts. Upon request, we are happy to have missing parts shipped to us and then back out to you but requesting the parts directly from the manufacturer will get them to you the fastest.

All Warranties are Offered by the Manufacturer

Please contact the manufacturer directly because they are best equipped to process your warranty service the fastest. If you require any assistance please feel free to contact us and we will help to the best of our ability.

BRS Warranties Products from the Following Manufacturer(s)

  • Skimz Warranty Support

  • Nonfunctional Items and Warranties

    If your product does not function correctly or is otherwise considered broken, we will direct you to the manufacturer of the product for warranty or service. Manufacturers prefer to troubleshoot their own technical issues and are better equipped to help solve problems. Contacting the manufacturer directly greatly speeds up the process. All of our manufacturers are easy to deal with and should address any issues within 24 hours (Monday through Friday). If you have a problem with the manufacturer, please contact us immediately. We are on your side and will make sure you get the technical support you need.

    Manufacturer Contact Information

    Algae Free & Sure Flow – 608-516-4274 algaefreeservice@algaefree.com
    American Marine (Pinpoint) – 914-763-5367 info@americanmarineusa.com
    Apogee – 877-727-6433 techsupport@apogeeinstruments.com
    Aqua Illumination – 515-233-5105 support@aquaillumination.com
    Aquamedic – 877-323-2782 info@aqua-medic.com
    Aquatec RO Boosters – 800-975-9995 techsupport@aquatec.com
    Cobalt – 803-591-9500 Info1@cobaltaquatics.com
    CoralVue (Reef Octopus. Elos, Maxspect, AutoAqua, Coral Rx, Reeflo) http://www.coralvue.com/support/
    Danner manufacturing (Mag Drive) – 631.234.5261 christinen@dannermfg.com
    Digital Aquatics – 425-527-0995 support@digitalaquatics.com
    EcoTech Marine – 610-954-8480 service@ecotechmarine.com
    Emperor Aquatics – 610-970-0440 info@emperoraquatics.com
    Finnex - http://www.finnex.net/index.php/contacts/
    Fulham – 323-779-2980 http://horse.fulham.com/contact-us/general-contact-and-sales-inquiries/
    Hamilton – 800-447-9797 support@hamiltontechnology.com
    Hanna Instruments – 800-426-6287 custsvc@hannainst.com
    HM Digital – 800-383-2777 info@hmdigital.com
    Hydor – 916-920-5222 hydor.usa@hydor.com
    Innovative Marine – 866-368-7941 Info@innovative-marine.com
    Iwaki – 508-429-1440  service@iwakiamerica.com
    JBJ – 877-374-9981  support@jbjlighting.com
    Kessil Lighting – 510-620-5250  kessil@kessil.com
    Marineland – 800.322.1266 TechSupport@marineland.com
    Milwaukee Instruments – 252-443-3630 support@milwaukeetesters.com
    Neptune Systems (Apex Controller) – 408-779-4090 support@neptunesystems.com
    Octopus Skimmers and Sumps – 985-781-9078 support@coralvue.com
    Ozotech – 530-842-4189 ozotech@ozotech.com
    Panworld Pumps – 978-400-5507 info@emecpumps.com
    Proline (Vertex and Korallen Zucht) – 877-682-3474 (Ext 4179) Jen@prolineaquatics.com
    Red Sea – 1-888-REDSEA9  redseainfo@redseafish.com
    Reef Fanatic –877-614-5388 reef@reeffanatic.com
    Reeflo Pumps – 877-378-6798 info@reeflopumps.com
    Seaside Aquatics (Bubble Magus and JNS) – 714-603-4707 sales@seasideaquatics.com
    Sicce – 865-291-3202 support@sicceus.com
    SpectraPure – 800-685-2783 service@spectrapure.com
    Sunlight Supply – 615-622-8200 info@sunlightsupply.com
    Tunze – 512-833-7546 tunze@sbcglobal.net
    Two Little Fishies – 305-623-7695 info@twolittlefishies.com

    BRS Products

    If the item is a BRS product and it doesn't function correctly or ceases to work within the warranty period please contact us for a replacement.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty and Disclaimer on Reverse Osmosis Systems

    All BRS Reverse Osmosis Systems are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Bulk Reef Supply will replace or repair components of the system that BRS has deemed to be broken within the limits of the warranty without charge. Customer is responsible for any freight involved with shipping the item back for inspection and shipment of replacement items. Bulk Reef Supply is not liable for cost of removal, installation, transportation or any other charges in connection with warranty claim. This warranty does not apply to included electrical components not produced by bulk reef supply. These items are warranted by the original manufacturer and the manufacturer must be contacted directly. Bulk Reef Supply is not liable for anything that we deem was abuse of the system, including but not limited to, misuse of product outside of intended use, equipment modifications, unauthorized repairs, improper installation, damage from freezing , hot water, fire or other acts of god outside of Bulk Reef Supply’s control Filters are considered a disposable item and not covered under warranty. The membrane component is covered for 2 years and will be replaced at prorated rate providing a membrane inspection does not show signs of abuse or neglect including use with hot water, severely hard water without proper flushing or bacterial issues from the water supply. All mechanical devices with moving parts have a normal life span and will need to be replaced periodically. For this reason mechanical devices such as auto shut off valves, ball valves, pressurized tanks, float valves, pressure gauges or check valves have a limited replacement warranty of 2 years. The customer is fully responsible for proper installation which includes complete and continual leak inspection. Most of the system components are made from plastic and eventually they can break or crack from stress. Bulk Reef Supply cannot be held liable for any damage caused by leaks. There are no other warranties including warranties on particular uses which extend beyond what is described above. To receive warranty service the customer must contact us at Support@bulkreefsupply.com and receive a RMA number and form. You may be required to ship the items in question back for proper inspection, repair or replacement.

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