ZS-7000 Shieldo Series LED Light - Zetlight

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ZS-7000 Shieldo Series LED Light - Zetlight

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Quick Overview

Recommended Spread - 36" x 20"

The Shieldo Series of lights from Zetlight has a unique and stylish appearance. The use of hemispherical optical lenses significantly improves the overall color blending and spread. With the included controller and remote you can fully program the ZS-7000 through a full cycle from sunrise to sunset.

  • Includes controller

  • Adjustable Mounting Legs

  • Multi-lamp wireless connection

  • Smart-Temp protection

  • Bridgelux LED chip

  • Wide spectrum and spread


Full Details

Shieldo ZS-7000 Info



The Shieldo Series of LED lights uses Hemispherical optics to significantly increase the spread removing any issues with a single source of light, also letting you use the Shieldo on larger tanks. The specially designed optics also reduce the disco ball effect by diffusing the individual LED colors and creating a better overall blend of color in the tank.



The included wireless controller and remote lets you fully program the Shieldo throughout an entire day and night cycle. With five day/night settings you can customize the time of day, along with the intensity of each bank of LEDs. The ZS-7000 is also compatible with the A100 WiFi Controller letting you use your Android or iOS device as a completely wireless, fully functional controller.

Control one fixture, or you can create a master/slave relationship between other Shieldo series lights for larger tanks syncing them all together.



The Shieldo LED light includes adjustable mounting legs that let you adjust the height of the fixture over your tanks surface. Just insert the legs into the body and then into the tank mounting brackets. You can then fine-tune the height of the light for the best coverage and penetration for your reef system.



Maximum Spread - 46" x 24"

Recommended Spread - 36" x 20"


LED Specifications:

8x - White 12K

2x - Blue 450-460nm

2x - Blue 460-465nm

2x - Blue + Green 465-535nm

2x - Blue + Green 450-520nm

2x - Blue + Violet 380-455nm

2x - Blue + Violet 410-465nm

16x - Red 620-630nm


Fixture Dimensions - 27" L x 11" W x 2" T

Wattage - 170W

Lumens - 8800LM


What's Included?

  • Shieldo LED Light Fixture
  • Power Supply & Cable
  • Tank Mounting Brackets
  • Mounting Legs
  • Wireless Remote
  • Wireless Controller
  • Controller Power Supply


3 Items

  • Very cool light! By Michelle on 5/18/2017

    So impressed with this light, especially for the price. I've had AI, Kessils, and cheap Chinese fixtures, halides, power compacts and T5's as well and out of all of them this is by far the best and most adjustable. The corals love it too! No matter what your price point, I highly recommend this light. And of course, combined with the customer service of Bulk Reef Supply is an added bonus.
  • Zetlight is AMAZING By Esteban on 1/13/2017

    I purchased the ZS-7000 for my 90g reef set-up. The light is nice and thin with blue lights that accent around the top, It looks AMAZING! And that just the top part!
    My corals love it. The lights can be set to ramp throughout the day. Each color is on its own channel so you can adjust them independently of each other. Best part, all I need is that one light for my deeper tank, my corals have been responding very well!
    The price is right, the light is fantastic, it looks good and its covering my deeper tank very well! Highly recommended!
    I got the controller for the phone too and I am going to review that because its awesome!
  • Thank you all at BRS for an amazing buying experiance and customer servous! By Rogers on 12/16/2016

    I bought 2 of the these lights, about a month apart. In that time they made some upgrades so they weren't the same the lunar blue lighting around the light was a totally different shade. All I had to do was send a picture to BRS and they agreed they looked horrible and send me a new one right away! BRS is the best reefing site out there and the people that make up BRS is fantastic! Zack did a fine job! Thank you! Now on to the light review. the lights are fantastic they price and coverage compared to other brands on models is amazing. The lunar accent light is perfect, the light is virtually silent, they look amazing, there is a lighting button on controller, very easy to setup! The only bad thing really to say is that the plastic bases on the metal brackets don't fit around the rim and trim of my 180 so I had to get 22 3/8" L x 3" W x 3/8 T glass four of them to put the plastic feet on since Zetlight hasn't came out with the hanging brackets yet. but all and all its and amazing light! If you love it you will make it work! for now


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