Last Day of Sale & Final Door Busters | BRS Black Friday 2014

Last chance for 15% off Sitewide*, MAP sales and all doorbusters.

10% off Neptune Systems
15% off EcoTech Marine XR15 Pro, MP10 & MP10W
15% off Kessil A360 & A150
15% off AI Hydra 26 & 52

30%+ off Door Busters for 11.30.14:
Reef Foundations Pro Multi Test Kit
Hikari Marine A Fish Food
Hikari Marine S Fish Food

Previous Door Busters (30%+ off):
Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater
Refractometer for Reading Salinity
Deluxe Coral Fragging Kit
Vertex Omega 130
Vertex Omega 150
Vertex Omega 180i
High Capacity GFO
hW MarineMix Reefer Salt
Red Sea Coral Package
BRS GFO & Carbon Dual Media Reactor
2 Part Package w/ Dosers:
Reef Chili:
Tunze Osmolator:
Korallen-Zucht Nano Power Package:
Milwaukee Digital Refractometer:
BRS 2 Part Doser:
Sicce Syncra Pumps:
Hanna Colorimeters:
BRS Extra Thick Gel Glue:
Color Schedule 40:
BRS Lab Grade pH Probe
BRS Lab Grade ORP Probe
Hydor Koralia Evolution Powerheads:
6 Stage Universal Plus RO/DI
4 Stage Value Plus RO/DI
SOLD OUT Micro 30L Nuvo Fusion Tank
SOLD OUT Mini 40 Nuvo Fusion Tank

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*Excludes vendors with MAP policy.
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