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    Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets work to remove nitrates produced when fish foods and resulting waste break down. Maintaining low nitrates is key to maintaining the best coral coloration, healthy fish and avoiding algae outbreaks.

    • 100% Biodegradable Polymer
    • 100% Reef Safe
    • Designed for use in a biopellet reactor



    We recommend 1 Cup (236mL) of Vertex Pro-Biopellets per 50 Gallons of aquarium water volume. Biopellets should be vigorously tumbled in a fluidized reactor, and for the best results, a bacterial additive like KZ ZeoBak or Brightwell Microbacter7 can be used to help speed up the colonization process. Traditionally it will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks before nitrate levels will become noticeably less, and it is best just to let the reactor run its course over that time with minimal interruptions. 

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    Product Name Pro-Biopellets - Vertex (DISCONTINUED)
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