Skimz Oval SV203 DC Internal Protein Skimmer

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Skimz Oval SV203 DC Internal Protein Skimmer

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Full Details

Skimz Oval SV203 Manufacturer's Manual


The Skimz Oval SV203 Internal Protein Skimmer gives you high performance skimming in a sleek, small design. Space saving oval design (by over 25%) for smaller sumps.
  • Rated for tanks up 317 gallons (1200 Liters)
  • BRS Recommended for tanks up to:
    • Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 120 gallons
    • Medium Bioload - 150 gallons
    • Light Bioload - 200 gallons
  • Air intake: 159-317 GPH (600-1200 LPH)
  • Operating Depth: 7" to 9.5"
  • Low power consumption and high performance
  • Skimmer draws water directly from sump
  • Features a Skimz VSC4.0-DC Controller Pump



  • Double cone and integrated volute
  • Semi-pipeless design
  • Integrated volute bubble plate design
  • Micro-adjustable valve for precise water level control
  • Internal application - no feed pump required


Skimmer Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 7.64” x 11.22” x 20.67" (194mm x 285mm x 525mm)
  • Cup Diameter: 160 mm


Skimz VSC4.0-DC Pump Features:

  • Air Draw: 159-317 GPH (600-1200 LPH)
  • Power Consumption: 9-19 Watts
  • Six RPM presets and feed mode


Skimz Warranty

  • Warranty for Original Purchaser against defective material and workmanship that occurs during normal use.
  • 2 Year Warranty on skimmer body
  • 1 Year Warranty on pump


10 Items

  • Making noise By Noise on 7/5/2017

    I had it less than 60 day and it start making noises off an on now it's so loud when it's making the noise I can here it 2 room away and it's off and on but getting worst hope brs to make it right
  • Great Skimmer, No Noise By Jared on 5/23/2017

    I came from a Vertex 150, and have tried 3 other skimmers over the years. The Vertex served me well for over 5 years, but I wanted something quieter. Don't get me wrong, the Vertex was the quietest skimmer I had owned before this. The Skimz DC pump however, is dead silent. There is no noise from the air intake/silencer, either. The oval design is unique, and allows you to save space. One thing not noted in the product description is that the skimmer cup connects to the body using a 1/4 turn, with interlocking "teeth." I find it very easy to remove the cup without worry of spilling, and it is super easy to put back on. The gate valve adjustment was very easy to figure out, I had it set within 20 minutes of plugging it in. Only small tweaks after that to get it pulling out nasty stuff. I have this in a 90G SPS dominant tank, and plan on keeping it when I upgrade to a ~150 gallon in the upcoming year.
  • Pump is awful failed in a year By John on 5/11/2017

    No replacement pumps available, awful service.
  • Soooo quiet! By Brian b on 3/4/2017

    Love this skimmer coming from an swc180 cone skimmer it had some big shoes to fill. My biggest concern was noise and this skimmer didn't disappoint. I hooked it up and turned it on the highest speed and you can't even hear it!!!!! I didn't run it in vinager as I was too excited so it took a good three weeks to break in but now it's pulling nasties like crazy. Only will tell about the reliability but I'm not too concerned as brs handles all warranty claims. Thanks brs and skimz I couldn't be happier!
  • Horrible micro bubbles By Dane on 3/20/2016

    Today marks 60 days this skimmer has been in service, I am still having tons of micro bubbles being released by the skimmer. I've dialed it in for nasty dark skimmate and its pulling great, just the design doesn't have much to hold back bubbles. I've had to slow the skimmer speed and my sump speed to help the bubbles dissipate but some are still making it to the display. I should have kept my 7+ year old skimmer. Even if I do return it I'm out a skimmer as I sold my old one. So far, I'm not to thrilled about this product...
  • Best Skimmer in the World! By David on 2/24/2016

    After trying several different skimmers, Skimz Oval SV203 DC gets the nod. Amazingly quiet, easy to tune, no stand needed for water height, and super skimmate production. Only drawback is that since it is pulling so much out of my water, I have to clean out the cup more often! This is obviously getting to be less and less, and it's the cleaner water that I'm after. I might point out that the air intake and gate valve on opposite sides at the top are definite concern if you sump space is tight at that height. Smaller footprint, which is great, but the top is wider and limited my placement. I still say this is the best skimmer in the world!!
  • Great Skimmer By Jeremy on 1/16/2016

    Upgraded my tank and upgraded my skimmer. I couldn't believe how much an improvement this skimmer was. It was a snap to tune, broke in quickly and I love the controllable DC pump. I hope Skimz makes a auto neck cleaner, because then this would be perfect.
  • awsome skimmer By chad on 2/23/2015

    great skimmer nice foot print and skims like a pro this was a good upgrade from my sro 2000 way better skimmer
  • Great Skimmer By SonoranReef on 12/29/2014

    I purchased this Skimmer from Bulk Reef Supply. While it is a bit overkill for the 140 gallon tank I an setting up I could not beat the price when they put it on sale before Christmas.

    When I set up my 140 I used VERY cured live rock from another tank, new reef sand and salt water made with RO......So the water should have been Very clean , well the next morning I already had Skim.

    Love the adjustable pump, sure makes it nice to not have to prop up the skimmer to get it at the right height.

    My only complaint is the instructions were not the best and they took a little translating. Overall very happy !
  • Amazing Skimming Machine By rick on 10/26/2014

    This skimmer fit perfectly in to my Aqueon sump and went right to work. It skimmed off more gunk in 24 hours than my previous skimmer did in months. The adjustable speed was great for the short break in period and the feed mode is a nice feature for when I shut the recirc pump down to feed my dendros and sun corals.
    I love it!


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Product Questions

Hello, what is the water level requirement for this simmer?
Question by: Kent on Aug 21, 2014 3:43:00 PM
Hi Kent,

I was unable to find a manufacturer recommended depth for this skimmer but I would say, based on similar skimmers we have running here, that aiming for around 6 - 7 inches would be a great starting point. Waiting for the skimmer to fully "Break in" before adjusting too much is important as you may have trouble getting stable performance from the skimmer during the break in period.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you a definite answer.
Have a great day :)
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Aug 21, 2014 3:43:00 PM