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  1. Excellent quality, poor mounting options
    Weighs 2.25lbs, without bulb, very heavy cord, as with all halides. I purchased the hanging kit with the intent of disassembling it and reusing the parts, didn't work out. I ended up drilling 2x M4 sized holes, mounting an 11x1x1/4" aluminum bar to the top of the light on 1/2" standoffs, and using a tank mount designed for an Aquaticlife Halo. Worked out well.

    No active cooling. I thought perhaps the reflector would include a fan of some sort, it doesn't. Mounted as I did, in the open, with lots of space around it, the heat isn't too bad. Haven't had to add any active cooling yet. We'll see come summertime.

    Reflector does a good job of keeping the light in the tank, it's a 24" cube, it does have some light spillage, but it's not bad.

    Tons of light, of course. Old school, nothing fancy, but it works for me.

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