Watts Pressure Reducing Valve

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Watts Pressure Reducing Valve

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  • Great pressure reducer By on 1/22/2017

    Works as advertised - holds the pressure at a self-adjusted 60 psi, down from 150+ psi at my wet station (which is 4 ft. from the main waterline into the house.) Also very light, and doesn't seem to require any special mounting (you could if you wanted to.)

    Note, the nuts filling unused ports (and the pressure regulator itself) are soft, and the flathead screwdriver port plugs are shallow -- care must be take when working of you'll strip the heads. I ended up using my leatherman jaws to manually tweak the pressure.

    Also -- note, it does not come w/ any murlock fittings out of the box -- that's an extra order you'll need to make.
  • Does it's job well By on 7/8/2015

    My house water pressure measures 120! So I was having issues with my RO/DI unit leaking from the high pressure. I installed this bad boy and tuned it down to be 70PSI. It works well. My only complaint is you have to use pliers to adjust the pressure. Past that it is perfect!
  • A necessary purchase By on 8/28/2014

    I didn't want change my homes water pressure. This product allowed me to lower PSI for my RODI system between 75 and 80 psi. I recommend testing the line you want to use for your RODI that way will know if you need this water pressure regulator or a booster pump. If your water pressure is over 90 psi buy this product. So before you buy an RODI system test your water pressure first. I would buy another just incase.
  • Works great By on 8/9/2013

    I had no real issue with this except the fittings I got from Lowes the threaded part was to long to seat properly and had to go to a Local Hardware store to find shorter ones now it works great, I needed this because I live in a Small town surrounded by a larger city but we have our own water supply that is gravity fed 4-5 PSI max so I had to install a whole home booster pump that shuts off at 100-110 PSI I set the regulator at 60 PSI to protect the RO system I purchased here! even if I could control the pumps computer shut off PSI (They Forgot that feature) I would still use this as a redundant protection.
  • Does exactly as it states By on 3/10/2012

    The pressure in my old house was 105 psi and my RO will only handle 90 . It dropped the pressure with a very easy adjustment and kept the adjustment The whole time I needed it . I never needed to fuss with it.Great Product!!
  • hard to find pressure reducing valve By on 10/17/2010

    Works good, seems a little pricey, but a lot cheaper than having a plumber install a house pressure reducing valve! Very useful for reducing pressure on equipment that can't handle high static pressures, ie: RO/DI, Kalk reactors, etc.. Wish it had a pressure gauge built in to help with adjustments instead of having to get a separate gauge.
  • Works grea when you need to lower preasure of RO/DI By on 2/28/2010

    Nice product, but wish it had a bit more flow through. Before installing this valve 100psi was the norm but now 50psi is all i can get, but it does make the system work good.