Dispensing Pump - 1 oz.

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Dispensing Pump - 1 oz.

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  • works By on 3/25/2017

    Well its a pump works well other than one of them drips for a few sec. after use. I have to hold my dose cup so I dont have a mess
  • Great pump By on 7/1/2015

    Very good build quality. Nice pump. Makes dosing much easier.
  • Excellent! By on 6/18/2015

    Easy to use and a great value!
  • Makes fine tuning easy By on 12/21/2014

    Makes adjustments to Calc and Alk easy when bringing levels back to desired levels after water change.
  • Slam dunk for MG By on 9/11/2014

    This unit is great if your dosing 2 part and only need to dose Mg every so often.
  • perfect By on 3/24/2014

    this is great to use with two part system when you dont have an automatic pump, it makes easier the dosage.
  • easy, but drips By on 1/2/2014

    Very easy to dose. After the first pump it'll dose 1oz almost exact. Afterwards it tends to drip. I just keep a cup under the nose.
    At this price however you can't beat it.
  • better than filling from a gallon By on 8/22/2013

    I have a 20oz container that I use for dosing and its easier to use this to fill it. my only complaint is that it leaks a little bit after you dispense but I've learned to tap it a little to get the liquid out of the spout.
  • Great Extra Pump By on 8/8/2013

    When I read the contents of the bulk 2 part solution it appeared that I needed one more pump. Its a must have, otherwise you would be pouring one of your solutions instead of pumping.
  • dosing? no pumps? this is for you. By on 3/23/2013

    Cheap quick effective. I use these to dose Ca Mg Alk. If your like me and can't afford dosing pumps and other gadgets this is a must have. All you have to do is test and know your tanks consumption then add the correct amount daily. I love it, gives me a great reason to go play with the tank. Great learning experience for my 5yr old daughter to, she loves working on the tank with me. This little pump gets her involved in helping take care of our reef tank. Can't go wrong with these.