New Life Spectrum Thera+A Fish Anti-Parasitic Formula

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New Life Spectrum Thera+A Fish Anti-Parasitic Formula

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60g Regular (1mm) Spectrum Thera+A Formula
SKU: 205219
120g Small (.5mm) Spectrum Thera+A Fish Formula
SKU: 205221
250g Medium (2mm) Spectrum Thera+A Fish Formula
SKU: 205223
250g Large (3mm) Spectrum Thera+A Fish Formula
SKU: 205225
500g Jumbo (6mm) Spectrum Thera+A Fish Formula
SKU: 205227
  • They don't sink! By on 9/21/2017

    I assumed these would sink like the other varieties of NLS pellets. That, however, was an incorrect assumption. Almost all of the pellets stay floating, even after hours of soaking. Most of my fish don't feed at the surface of the water so these pellets are almost useless to me.

    The few fish that do feed at the surface liked the pellets.
  • Fish love it By on 4/19/2017

    Fish have shown better color and are a lot healthier since being on this food
  • Best fish food out there! By on 3/19/2016

    Someone put me on this many years ago and anyone i help with their tank i always suggest this because of the results I've seen using it. My fish are always more colorful, and always seem to be healthy while I'm feeding this product.
  • Awesome By on 1/7/2016

    I bought the .5mm food to feed to a pair of clowns that I was planning to get. Once the clowns were acclimated, they would eat this stuff like it was candy. It is also the best nutritional food on the market that I could find, and they tell you exactly what is in it.
  • Fish Love It! By on 11/19/2015

    All of my fish love the new life spectrum except for the mandarin who i wish would grow an appetite for it! When i drop the pellets into my tank the fish go into a frenzy!
  • Even mandarins eat it! By on 10/31/2015

    I have yet to find any fish that does not love this food. I've even gotten two green mandarins eating this! You must pipette it right in front of them to train, but now they even go seek it out on the benthos after the autofeeder runs. They're about 3 yrs old now.
  • Fish love it! By on 9/8/2015

    I got the 1mm that I feed to both my salt and fresh water fish. My clowns and gobys go crazy for this stuff, much more than any other flake/pellet food. Great food!
  • A+ By on 12/19/2014

    Been feeding from an Ehiem Daily feeder since my tank launched 8 months ago and everyone has been happy, healthy, colorful, and growing.

    Firefish, clowns, and chromis eat it all.
  • My Fish Love This By on 3/13/2014

    I have a clownfish and a royal gramma. They both loves this food.
  • This is the best by far!!! By on 6/26/2013

    I bought this fish food because i was having problems with ich almost every month. I don't like using too many chemical, so I did my homework and found this product. It is by far the best fish food on the market. Not only has my fish not had ich for the past 3 months but their colors are unbelievable. I highly recommend using this product if you want your fish to be at their best!