150 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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150 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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  • Performance is 5 times worse than the 75 GPD By on 8/19/2017

    I replaced the 75 GPD membranes on my 6 stage BRS + Water Saver system with these 150 GPD membranes. I was getting 3-6 TDS from the 75 GPD membranes. After the replacement and letting it run for well over an hour, I'm still getting 15 TDS coming out of the RO system. This is just going to kill the DI resin. So much for this being a good investment.
  • Best Bang For The Buck! By on 2/16/2017

    I have been using this membrane for over a year and get 1 TDS on the product water, before the DI resin.

    I split mine off the washing machine valves, both hot & cold, using a regular garden hose splitter. I then used a "Y" hose meant for washing machines to combine both the hot & cold into 1 output. So 1 leg of the hot & cold goes to the washing machine and the other leg of each splitter is combined into 1 output that connects to a short, food grade garden hose. That connects to the RO/DI system.

    I run the GE premium .6 micron sediment filter with a 1 micron carbon block, both sold here on BRS.

    My TDS from the tap varies between 35 and 80, but comes out of the membrane at 1 or 0. I have 80 psi going into the membrane with no booster pump and fresh pre-filters. The key is to flush the membrane (mostly before) you make water. If you have the 3-way tds probes connected inline you can watch the tds get lower and lower while flushing. Obviously it's good to flush afterwards, but I use one of the auto shutoff kits to prevent over filling and that usually stops the water before I get to it. I'd rather that than ANOTHER flood.

    But BRS sells a flow restrictor with a valve knob so you can open up the flow just by turning the knob. If you're new to RO/DI setups I would HIGHLY recommend installing the auto shutoff kit.

    Also, just to let some people know, you CANNOT run these membranes without carbon before it. Chlorine and Chloramine will kill the membrane. I made that mistake in the beginning when I was rinsing a new membrane and thought I'd bypass the pre-filters. That's a no-no.

    This membrane is great if you have the pressure. There's no doubt that I am getting more than 150gpd. That's at 65psi. So at 80psi this membrane flows.
  • it works By on 1/13/2017

    it works like it suppose to. you do like mention previous post you need a boster pump
  • Number 1 in the industry By on 6/6/2016

    I have had my last one for 10 years. Decided to replace this one because it was starting to leak. As long as you run water though it before and after you make water it should keep 10+ years! BRS is great at having products like this at hand that they will ship that day or next.
  • Perfect By on 7/19/2015

    I purchased this to replace my old one and it has surpassed my expectations! This is a great product!
  • YOLO By on 3/5/2014

    Works as it should, no problems installing, no leaks.
  • it works well By on 7/10/2013

    it works very well.
  • Insane in the membrane By on 11/23/2012

    Wow, this thing puts out a nice stream of high quality H20! Just make sure you have the line pressure to run it. High rejection rate membrane showing 0 TDS out the product line.
  • Great Membrane for Great Price By on 7/19/2012

    This is the first time that I have ever brought this product, as I usually have a 100 GPD Membrane for my tank.

    After changing, the water is clear & the algae problem i am having is clearing up nicely, there is no new growth. My RO/DI water was reading extremely high & now it is back to zero ppm.

    This membrane is also at a very good price, as others I have priced are much higher. I will defiantly be buying this product again.
  • Great product By on 4/21/2012

    This works as advertised. Crystal clear and pollutant free. I replaced my 75GPD membrane with this and it works as expected. BRS is a great place to get all these kind of materials