BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock

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BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock

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  • Amazing! (I'm not the other Tyler) By on 8/24/2017

    I ordered 15lbs of this stuff and they did a great job picking out a good selection for me! I got one BEAUTIFUL large piece and a few small to medium pieces to stack around it. The description is very accurate, these are large sized rocks for the weight and it's mostly empty space inside. It looks gorgeous in my tank.
  • Fantastic if you do it right! By on 8/16/2017

    I have bought a lot of this rock and want to first share it comes in two types. 1st type is the thin branching similar to the picture. The other type is a cross between a fiji and multi branch tonga. Both have merits but significantly different. The thin type is more porous and will leach any cure bath longer ..IE acid or bleach. Also if using acid use a diluted amount as this stuff dissolves quickly and will leave sharp edges but is very cool looking. The other type is more like fiji and is more durable so it can take a beating but you cant shape it very well. They are both awesome but the thin type pictured is the best as its very light and you can create lots of caves and it stacks very well! I would suggest ordering large rocks and shaping them how you desire!
  • Awesome!! By on 7/20/2017

    Oh my God! I ordered 30 lbs of Pukani. I was not expecting anything special since I made no request. The Rocks were delivered by UPS 5 days later. There was nothing broken or dust in the bag. I received 3 gorgeous big rocks. I am so freakin' happy. I can't wait to cure the rock with bleach like my BRS hero, Ryan recommended in his videos. Thank so much! :)
  • Oh my Pukani... By on 5/23/2017

    The rock is great. Light, porous, full of unique shapes.... but we all know that. What I want to bring attention to is the amazing customer service at BRS. You can tell, without any doubt, that this team takes the customer experience very seriously. I was sent 25lbs of Tonga Shelf by mistake, and not only did BRS resend the correct rock (and then some), they also insisted I keep the Tonga for my troubles. Earned my business hands down for the foreseeable future. Great job BRS!
  • Awesome! Better then I expected By on 5/5/2017

    I have to say they picked out some really nice pieces of this rock for me. I couldn't have done better. Thanks BRS!
  • waste By on 5/4/2017

    Watched one of BRS dry rock/landscape videos so I figured I would order some Pukani and reef saver rock which was a mistake. All the rocks I purchased looked exactly the same not one piece had a unique look I even included the dimensions of my tank and wanted smaller pieces instead I got one rock that is as big as my tank and the others not much smaller. Even breaking some of these rocks down wouldn't do much for them.
  • Recent purchase By on 4/29/2017

    I recently perchased some pukani for my 75 gallon aquarium. I have to say I loved what they sent me. A variety of sizes that gave me a number of options for my tank. Thumbs up BRS!
  • Worth the wait! By on 4/29/2017

    Hi reefers!

    I'm completely satisfied with my BRS Pukani purchase!

    I ordered 15 lbs of rock for my Fluval EVO 12. When ordering, i gave the details of my tank; type, dimensions and requested small to medium peices of rock. I received just over 20 lbs and got a good mix in sizes. I feel i was able to put together exactly what i imagined with aprox. half of the rock. Cycled for 5 weeks.

    Thanks BRS team, well done!
  • Once again BRS went above and beyond my expectations By on 4/10/2017

    BRS went above and beyond to ensure that the pieces I received were the sizes I desired. I received many generously sized pieces as requested, and they are all intact. The shape of the pieces were great and will be easy to aquascape. Thank you BRS!
  • It is great, but... By on 4/7/2017

    First of I love this rock and would recommend it to a friend. It looks awesome in a tank and has all kinds of nice holes for critters to swim through to place corals. It is by far my most favorite aquarium rock because of it's looks and how it aquascapes. Now their is nothing wrong with the product or anything like that. But when I first ordered, I bought five pounds and got a pretty good amount of rocks. I got 3 big rocks and two smaller ones. Then a week ago i bought fifteen pounds and was expecting triple the amount but got on rock more than last time. So I was wondering If BRS could give me an explanation. i love the rock but was questioning after that.