New Life Spectrum Finicky Fish Formula 125g 1mm Sinking Pellets

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New Life Spectrum Finicky Fish Formula 125g 1mm Sinking Pellets

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  • Moorish Idol love em By on 2/5/2016

    Got a Moorish Idol from a friend who has gave up on feeding it. Upon receiving it, the fish looks very skinny since it hasn't eaten anything for 3 weeks.

    I tried Frozen Mysis, brine shrimp and variety of well known pellets. It will not touch it.

    Went down to a LFS in Singapore, and one of the staff introduce me the Max from NLS and guess what? It took the pellet! It spat out for a couple of day. On the third day of feeding, It finally ate it. Not sure if it's the Max, but it works!

    Highly recommend it!
  • Great product By on 3/7/2014

    My juvenile imperator would not eat anything that wasn't alive until I tried this and he loved it.
  • Awesome producy By on 5/5/2013

    I am so pleased with my purchase and my African cichlids are even more pleased. I will definitely purchase more when I begin to run out.
  • A fish of a different color. By on 6/30/2011

    This stuff is great!
    The color, smell and taste. I just love it. It's also good with, I mean the fish told me that.
  • Fish love it By on 8/4/2010

    I got this for my roommate to use on the weekends I am out of town and not home to feed the fish frozen foods. Its easy for him to use and the fish go crazy over it.