ReefKeeper Elite Plus - Digital Aquatics

ReefKeeper Elite Plus - Digital Aquatics
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ReefKeeper Elite Plus - Digital Aquatics

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  • Great Product By on 9/11/2017

    This is a great product easy to program and has been flawlessly running for months .
    Have the new Archon as well Super Great and easy to work with
  • no support By on 8/30/2017

    purchase RKL , showed up missing bus cables , contacted DA over 2 weeks ago , told would have to wait for manager ! had to buy extra cables at my expense . still no reply from DA .
    If you cant even help customer who did not receive what was supposed to be in the box , i would hate to have to get any other type of support.BRS should not carry this product if the DA is not willing to support it
  • IT'S MAKE MY LIFE EASIER By on 5/19/2017

  • DO NOT PURCHASE By on 4/24/2017

    I am so disappointed with this item. I have had nothing but trouble with it and have given the manufacturer every chance to help fix the problem. I have gotten nothing but the run-around and stall tactics from them. The tech support I contacted actually wanted me to tell him what I expected the software and unit to do! The My Reef, 2.0 program does not run with my Windows 10 laptop and in fact the USB connector does not work properly either. My experience as almost identical to the posting by "Tom" on 3/14/17 and 3/16/17. Digital Aquatics puts all the work of presenting "evidence" of the problems on your shoulders, wanting pictures, type of computer, etc. The fact is, this has been a documented issue in their forum for the past two years without a reliable fix. It is apparent they don't have frequent updates to their software, so there is no reason to expect a fix to this issue anytime soon. If you are even remotely interested in this product, I suggest you attempt to easily (not) find information on their web page, or better yet, visit the lengthy forum postings from users having one issue after another.
  • Awesome By on 4/24/2017

    I've still got some programming to do but I enjoy doing that. My RKE is doing everything I need it to do without spending a small fortune. I am very pleased.
  • update By on 3/16/2017

    I had issues with my RKE
    I called support. DA was very helpful. They could not figure out my issues. So once again. Send an email with setting descriptions and photos. Almost a week later. Nothing. They might be busy but so am I.
    Another issue I have found. On my reef the time changes between AM and PM. Meaning. The head display will show 4:15:25PM. But myreef displays 4:15:25AM. And I tried to use military time...maybe that will fix the multi timer Time will not change.
    They also suggested moving my float switch from SLX SA to DP1 SA. Apparently the switch is causing issues with the PB4. Really. These are basic functions of a control unit but it couldn't handle it. Maybe broken....maybe code needs update. Anyway you break it down.
    Having 6 separate issues with a brand new setup.......i
    Since then I have returned and now am debating the new apex or classic.
  • Many issues By on 3/14/2017

    Let me start. I have my MCSE. look it up if you dont know. Ive been on pc and networking since 1984.
    Now.... Ph probe arrived chattered. No problem BRS took care of it by replacing it with there own for free. Not a DA issue. It can happen. Its glass. A+ for BRS.
    SID and all moduals are all updated.
    so here is a list of issues im having:
    Temp swing. I isolated the temp line and shielded it. Nothing worked.
    1 PB4 just stopped communication with head unit. I had a ? On RKE. But......some items on anf one off. Light for refugium was on but temp turned off. Both are set to off in program.
    Skimmer shuts off frequently and randomly. I tried 4 outlets on PB4. Relay or not. Same thing.
    My skimmer is set to switch. Not pump. I have 2 float switches. One for skimmer bucket to shut off when full and trigger alarm. And the other for sump water level. When water rises from power loss it shuts off skimmer and tunze ATO. This is for water changes and loss of power. Apparently skimmer wont run properly when set to switch.
    Dosing pump (i have master and slave units)
    1 continually drips. So there is an issue with the pump line or the ability to pinch proplerly. I cannot get the 15ml per min with adjusting the volts. The motor will not run that slow. Best and consisant numer i can program is 30ml. Which is fine but id like less for better controll of dosing.
    The timer function works for one unit. I changed the 6v power from one to the other. ( making it master or slave with the change)
    One pump will not follow timmer program. I have 8 seconds every hour on timmer 1 and 2. But half hour apart. My ALK pump will run once and thats it. CAL works fine. I set both pumps to the same timmer. Only CAL runs. I can turn both pumps on and off with head unit or myreef. But when on timmer. Nothing. I will call DA for help. I did once before. They told me to take pictures and email with a description of issue. Then they will decide what to do..........
    I will return and get apex. I should have just purchased from the beginning...but i have gyre 230 dual unit. Dont need a controller. Its a great controller. I have radions. Dont need light controll. So my need wasnt a controller for all the aquarium items. Just a few.
    I really needed controll of skimmer for overflow and dosing controll. I thought this would work for limited automation. Apparently not.
    I have to say the DA float switches work.......
    But BRS is amazing and will always be a loyal customer becase of service.
  • It's older technology but it works as deisgned By on 12/3/2016

    First of all, the reason that I bought the RKE was my JBJ heater controller failed and fried my corals. I didn't realize it until most of them were bleached by my local version of climate change. I was stupid and didn't read all the stuff online about how free standing temperature controllers and sensors are very prone to failing after about a year or two of constant service. It never occurred to me that it would fail unsafe. Next, be careful about reading ANY customer review of the controller systems, either on BRS or anywhere else. None of the two major consumer controller manufacturers (Neptune and DA) have perfect products that work for 100% of the users straight out of the box. They all require some level of technical knowledge and tinkering. If one starts with that attitude, then one won't be disappointed with either brand controller. And read the manual thoroughly.

    Now to the RKE. It is not the Digital Aquatics' product line that is equivalent to the Neptune Apex. The DA Archon is their high end cloud-base, wireless controller. The RKs are the previous controller generation and that's why they are somewhat lower in price. The RKE consists of a collection of daisy-chained devices attached to a head unit with a small LCD display. The RK Elite Plus comes with 8 controllable AC outlets, a pH sensor and a temperature sensor. Setting everything up via the head unit is more of a vision/dexterity test than anything else, so if you don't feel like using a magnifying glass to read the display, connect the system to the USB connector and use a laptop to program the RKE (just like it says to do in the BRS video). I had no problem setting up my two Gyres, skimmer, main circulator pump, heater and Ca reactor. I left the top-off to the existing Tunze controller.

    There are a few other modules available, but the only ones IMO that are worth considering are the salinity package (a BRS exclusive at the moment) and the NET module. The NET module allows Ethernet connection via your home network. Some people have actually been able to add a wireless bridge device to the NET module, but if you are going down that rabbit hole, I suggest that you look at either the Archon or Apex instead. The NET module gives you the ability to send alarm messages to your email address and cell phone. It is also possible to upgrade the RKE with the Archon head unit as almost all the RK modules work with the Archon.

    In summary, I am very satisfied with the RKE and I cleaned up that accumulated snaggle of wires and AC power strips (also exactly what the BRS video states).
  • Works when hooked up right By on 6/30/2016

    I'm going to add another review here now that I have had this system running for years without any problems.

    A lot of the negatives here I believe are related to not understanding the devices and ports correctly. This highlights the one major fault of Digital Aquatics in not providing readily available, easy to understand, direct instructions on what equipment is used where and when. Installation is a learning experience - be prepared to read and spend several hours over a weekend/week to set this up.

    When purchasing this system or the power bars, any buyer MUST go read and understand the difference between solid-state and relay based electrical outlets. Plugging in a fan into the wrong type of outlet in the power bar module WILL cause your system to fail outright, alarm prematurely, or fail to activate a device among other things. There is a reason both types of receptacles are provided on the power bar - any buyer must go to the forum and download the latest information on when and what to plug into which socket.

    After you read the detailed information packets online about each module, a buyer MUST update every module and the header to the latest firmware. Not doing this will cause your system to have issues or crash. This is a computer system and all the modules must be updated to the same level of code to work properly.

    One negative, and positive, is that this system does require some computer savvy. A potential buyer must be comfortable updating their own computer and installing software. If this does not describe you, save yourself the headache and go to the other options.

    I have contacted the DA support several times and have not had near the experience of other users. I received responses from DA support in no more than 24 hours and the latest experience I had a response and resolution in no more than 10 minutes. I'm not sure what is causing other users to have issues but from what I can tell as long as the conversation is respectful the response is immediate and quick.

    All in all the system is great for the price. However, as with anything a cheaper price means more user driven interaction. In this case, the user/buyer must be willing and able to read all the material provided and understand the details. Know the amps each component that is to be plugged into the system and take the time to ensure that the right motor is used in the right place and does not overload the system.

    Another gotcha with the power bars (and power bar, actually), is that there is a limit to how many amps can be run through the module. With larger fans/motors, although there are sockets available one large motor may be the limit for that power bar.

    Great system when understood and connected correctly. I have had no issues with lighting, multiple motors, auto-topoff, temperature etc. in years with this system. Has never crashed or failed to turn on a motor/heater.

    Even with this system, always use independent verification processes for critical equipment such as heaters. Protect your investment regardless of which controller is used!
  • Not worth the investment By on 5/14/2016

    Honestly.... If you are looking to buy a controller, the other manufacturer is what you want.
    I am so heavily invested into the RKE and can't switch to the Apex right now, but I will once I can.
    Digital Aquatics, really the first into the market, has since fallen way behind.