ReefKeeper Lite Plus - Digital Aquatics

ReefKeeper Lite Plus - Digital Aquatics
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ReefKeeper Lite Plus - Digital Aquatics

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  • Does the job By on 10/9/2017

    I do not have an intricate system so I don’t need much. Just to control temperature and monitor ph specially dosing kalkwasser. But I have issues with the my reef 2.0 program not recognizing my modules and not responding every time I click on a different icon. After much dealing with it I was able to program the essentials.
  • Awesome product By on 9/3/2017

    I've only really used one controller so I can't say a whole lot about. But it does what I need and a lot more then I was expecting. I'll always have a controller on all future tanks.
  • BRS is great but ReekKeeper support is VERY BAD By on 8/26/2017

    4 stars because it like what the unit does for me, love the automation, 0 Stars for support. I purchased a Lite for my first tank and all was good. Sure it has a basic menu driven input for the physical system with some practice it is easy to get to know. Using the computer interface from a laptop running win10 was easy enough. One trick i found was naming all the modules so you can see them better in the console. Anyway, decided to get the Plus for my big tank. Again everything as expected but the PH probe will not stabilize. So i tried to call support ... voicemail, sent an email. Not too bad 24 hours has a response with a question for me to check something and replied did this a couple of times 24hr turn around. They figured that it was a probe issue and then all comms stopped for days. Left voicemail, email nothing. I reached out to BRS to see if they could help. BRS was great the jumped in and tried to contact them. A few days later ReefKeeper finally replied that i needed to give them the invoice and my information and a credit card for a deposit. BRS already sent them the invoice so I resent it along with my information and followed the instructions to call to give my CC. Well support doesn't answer so chose sales and they answered ... go figure right? Gave them my card and he said he'd take it over the THE support guy. Days go by and support GUY sends me an email sales for got to give it to me i have it now can you send me your invoice and the requested information.... REALLY for the 3rd time i have sent them the information and again nothing for days.
    Moral of the story, if you buy this and something breaks you will likely have to just buy a new part and forget talking to the company.
    Very SAD
  • Cardo doesn't Recommend By on 7/19/2017

    The provided instructions are on-existent. The downloaded manual is very, very poor. The controller simply doesn't work as described. Very frustrating purchase.
  • Happy By on 6/18/2017

    Great product. Very happy. does everything I needed and more.
  • Get the basic or go all in on an APEX By on 6/8/2017

    I'm kinda old school. Not very techy. I finally decided I should buy something to control my heater and cooling fans- and then figured the extra power bar and probes of the plus system would be justified. I regret the extra purchase. This thing kinda sucks. I've spent way too much time trying to program it, downloading firmware updates, pulling wires out of sockets and plugging them into different ones. It's just - well, I kinda hate it. I still cant get the head unit to recognize the sl1 module so I still cant use my ph probe. The internet is loaded with videos all about this thing- and none have really done much to help me. It does replace light timers and monitor my temps and prevent over heating tank- I guess- but... I dunno. I'm not really happy with the purchase. BRS is a good company, but their videos haven't done me a lick of good when it comes to setting this thing up. They all just seem to assume that all the parts are all plugged in and talking to one another perfectly- which is the farthest from my experience. This thing in it's most basic form I could see being justifiable- but don't waste your money on anything more than that.
  • First controller experience By on 2/1/2017

    I have not been in the reef community very long, but this is my first time using a controller. It does exactly what I need it to do as far as heaters and skimmer are concerned. I was not looking for a complete aquarium controller that managed every aspect of my tank. I did not want to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak but overall pleased with what I got with DA reefkeeper. I didnt give it 5 stars because I haven had experience with other controllers to say this is the best thing I have ever used.
  • Timers don't function and no support By on 1/17/2017

    I purchased this product due to the great review by BRS TV but it hasn't lived up. Couldn't get the PH to calibrate, can't get the timers to work - as soon as I set a timer, it shuts off the power to the channel. NO ONE answers or returns calls at Digital Aquatics. I SOOOOOOOO Wish I'd paid the extra for APEX. All I have is power strips and they're not even surge protectors!
  • I like it By on 12/11/2016

    I use it with the BRS dosers and 2 part, water pumps, lighting (tank and sump), heater, fan and pH probe. It's easy to program with the computer or the manual interface. My only regret is that I didn't get it before I bought a pH probe/meter and heater/controller. I could have saved money getting the Reef Keeper first. If you want to attain stable calcium/alkalinity measurements, a controller makes it much easier.
  • Will always have a controller on my tanks from now on... By on 12/6/2016

    For many years I was one of those guys with all of the timers and switches...everything "automated" in an old school fashion.

    I finally decided to try one of these when they went on sale...very satisfied. I can't imagine setting up another tank without one now! Really cleans-up the setup and automates so many functions with one device. Programming both with PC and the pad interface are fairly intuitive and I found setup to be fairly straight forward.