Milwaukee pH600 pH Meter Pen

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Milwaukee pH600 pH Meter Pen

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  • Good for the price By on 3/16/2016

    I'm sure they're better ones out there, but not for the money. Mine stayed accurate for 9 months! However, I bought a second one after giving my first one away and it came needing serious calibration. Make sure to buy calibration fluid.
  • Garbage By on 11/11/2014

    Don't buy it. I checked this pen after 1 week and recalibrated in 7.0 as well as tested in 4.0 ... It checked out. But the when I tested plain tap water and compared the results to my fail safe drops (never been wrong) it was a whole 3 ph off! If you are going to only spend $20 might as well save a few cents and stick with the drops. Pen wise just spend the money and get a legit one. PENS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE RECALIBRATED BEFORE EACH USE! Now I've got to fix heavy nutrient issues in all of my "house plants".
  • Very Unstable -cannot make any sense of a reading By on 10/30/2014

    Received this probe and was hoping it wasn't the same one that a company that I was a bench chemist for bought back in 1996. But it was. It is a POS. The reading jumps around indiscriminately, it will even give reading that make no sense like 20 or 30. Sometimes the decimal is there and other times not (like 50 or 5.0). I would say I got a bad probe, but as far as I can remember it was the same as we had received back in our lab 18 years ago. Feel free to press you luck!
  • Works well for me, stays in calibration thus far. By on 8/26/2014

    Mine also came coated with a solution that had dried up as well on the probe under the cap. Probably from the manufacturer. Simple rinse and its gone, calibrated it with 7.01 fluid and tested it with 10.01, was dead on. Bought extra solutions to check it from time to time and after 1 month of use has stayed in calibration, very happy with. I rise in freshwater after every use and give a good shake before putting cap back on, its NOT necessary to store in calibration solution contrary to the directions, hence the cap. :)
  • Came covered in salt By on 1/19/2014

    Not sure why, but the unit came without any liquid inside (I thought you had to use it to store the probe) but instead it was covered in salt, as if it was already used.
  • Dont buy it By on 11/7/2013

    The meter appears to be accurate as long as you calibrate it before every use. However beware of the 30 day warranty...My tester has already quit working and I have only had it for 4 months !
  • Great By on 7/30/2013

    Way better than going blind trying read those color charts.
  • Don't forget the Calibration solution!!!!! By on 1/9/2013

    I just ordered this product and then found out I need calibration solution!!!!! Don't forget so you don't have to pay for shipping on a $0.99 product!
  • quick and accurate pH By on 1/2/2013

    Very nice handheld pH meter, compact yet easily read LCD display. Seems to remain quite accurate for me even though I store it dry, with cap on. Used for 4-5 months without calibration, tested it with ph 7 & 10 reference solutions, was only off by .1 with the ph 10 solution.
  • a must By on 6/11/2012

    buy this instead of trying to read color charts on a test kit. be sure to buy some of the 7.0 calbration packs