Smart High Output UV 50 Watt - Pentair Aquatics

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Smart High Output UV 50 Watt - Pentair Aquatics

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  • Outstanding product By on 7/11/2017

    I bought this 50 watt SHO 4 years ago having lost hundreds of dollars of fish to disease breakouts with inferior brands. Since this purchase, my water is crystal clear without carbon use, and no deaths or infection problems for 4 years with this unit. I replace the bulb every year on my 160 gallon and that is all the maintenance. An Emperor UV sterilizer should be at the top of anyone list for their expensive saltwater tank. BRS thanks for recommending the best and not even offering the hundreds of other companies inadequate sterilizers!
  • Easy install and immediately effective By on 3/10/2017

    I installed two of these units on my 335gal nature style freshwater. I installed each directly in line at 300gph per return line in order to protect against parasites/protozoa.

    At the same time I replaced all my flexible hosing. The return lines from the UV units are still clean and clear, while the lines from the trickle filter to the UV units is starting to show some discoloration. So I know the units are having an effect on free floating algae for sure.

    The main benefit for these units for me is I know is the substrate gets disrupted any parasites or pathogens in the water column will be immediately attacked and less likely for any livestock impact. They were easy to install and have been functioning well.
  • Excellent product By on 1/8/2013

    I have this on my 300 gallon reef system and it works great. I had a allege bloom and installed the UV , and overnight it was gone