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Emperor Aquatics Smart UV 40 Watt
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Smart UV 40 Watt - Pentair Aquatics

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  • its ok By on 12/22/2015

    I purchased this product for my fresh water planted aquarium. Current I have a coralife uv sterilizer, and before that some chinese made thing. So with that experience let me begin my expert review. First off, this thing is large, by large I mean huge. it consumes nearly my entire length of my 4' stand. Second thing I've noticed is the construction seems sloppy. Excessive glue marks and material casting marks makes we think it was assembled as fast as possible and was attempting to reach a certain price to performance mark. Engineering for the device seems like tempting fate. The quartz sleeve has 2 orings that seel it, however nice that sounds historically when placing 2 orings together bad things happen. The first long large and thick o-ring that compresses onto a normal round oring must be compressed evenly and only to a certain compression. I feel that the normal round oring shouldn't be needed or should be engineered out. But, it doesn't leak so I won't try to reinvent the wheel. Further inspection reveals a basic interior surrounding the bulb and quartz sleeve. With other UV sterilizers after a long period of time i've noticed that the plastic exposed to light brakes down, releasing a black powder to the aquarium. Its easily noticed when you put your finger into the unit and pull it out resulting in black carbon substance on your finger. Most cheap plastics don't handle uv light very well. I feel that a mirror finish or some special UV resistance coating inside of the unit would help, but time will tell if it holds up or breaks donw. Furthermore, with my coralife unit it has a insert that spirals around the internal quartz sleeve, forcing the water to circulate around the bulb longer, increasing expsoure time while not decreasing flow rate. Water in the emporer UV sterilizer makes 1 path the length of the tube, while the coralife makes several loops around the diameter of the tube. The transparent tubes on both ends of the emporer sterilzer helps let you know when its on. Another thing that could be considered a good thing or a bad thing (I consider bad) is the excessive long cord, the cord from the power supply to the sterilizer is 20 feet long!!!! I only need a good 6-8, not 20. Now I have to wind it up, and I think it causes unecessary stress on the power supply. Overal I feel that the unit is a good purchase, and I hope it proves true. I also purchased one for salt water aquarium, but only a smaller size. I also find it sad that a set of brackets are not included. I had to pick up a couple conduit brackets from my local store to make it look nice.
  • Great Product By on 10/26/2015

    This thing is big, but very easy to set up. Been up and running for two weeks now and everything looks great. Comes with everything you need for input and output connections. Just need a pump and tubing. I went with the Sicce Syncra 1.5. The hose barbs are 1" so if you want smaller you'll need to get reducer bushings and smaller barbs. Would definitely recommend this product.
  • Water is crystal clear By on 5/30/2015

    After several months of battling a marine ich outbreak I finally got is cleared from my tank and all inhabitants are free of disease. I purchased the Emperor Aquatics Smart UV 40 watt as an insurance policy to help reduce potential for future outbreaks. This is not a guarantee, strict quarantine protocols still need to be followed. I have been very pleased with results, Unit is extremely well made and large. Size helps maximize UV exposure time. Water had always seemed clear to me, but in very short time the improvement was evident. Now crystal clear and everything is healthy. My Powder Blue Tang has never looked better.
  • Excellent By on 2/3/2015

    I purchased this thinking it was an insurance policy on ICK....I was amazed at the water clarity and lack of any algae in my tank. I have since upgraded to a 300 gallon display and will be running (2) 40 watt. I will be soon be ordering another one
  • This is a great product! By on 11/18/2014

    i was a tad bit intimidated by this thing because it was a little bigger than ive seen before in stores. after installing this sterilizer my water was at least 10X clearer than the day before. my tank is crystal clear and i feel good knowing im protecting my fish from harmful parasites reproducing in my tank. it also has slowed the growth algae considerably in no time at all. a definite 5 star rating from me
  • Great UV light / Insurance By on 7/18/2013

    This review is for the 40watt Emperor Aquatics uv light.

    As many people have said this thing is huge. Comparing it to other uv lights there is no way that other lights work as well.

    Why you should buy:
    Amazing quality
    Clearer water (I didn't have dirty or cloudy water before but I could tell a difference)
    Insurance against disease outbreak (Tangs are my favorite but almost lost one to ick, Now I don't worry near as much)

    What to watch for:
    Make sure the pump you are using is matched to the flow rate for what you are trying to accomplish i.e. just algae control or algae and disease control.

    Other Note. When I received my unit the quartz tube had broken during shipping. While I had ordered many times from BRS I had not dealt with its customer service so I was a little worried. They are better than Amazon. I was worried it would be a problem to get a new one but BRS shipped it fast and I was up and running in no time. I will not buy my aquatic products anywhere else after such a great experience.
  • Very good overall By on 3/25/2013

    Overall this is a solid built product with quality seals. A couple note worthy points that several have already mentioned

    1) It's BIG and would be tough to mount under a 6' tank like I have unless it was VERY organized. To get an idea of how big it is you should stop by Home Depot and hold up a 4" diameter pvc pipe. I placed mine on the floor between the tank and wall.

    2) No mounting brackets come with this unit but you can find them at any home improvement store... there are however not as clean to mount as with the smaller units.

    3) Worth buying a $30 flow meter to maximize the efficiencies of this unit.
  • Well built By on 9/15/2012

    I have the 40 watt unit on my 180 gallon tank. Been in use for about a year now with no problems with the UV or my tank.
    Algae at a minimum and no outbreaks of any sort. UV is super well built and BRS has replacement bulbs stocked. This is my first UV in a system and this one has not let me down.
  • great product, very well built. By on 8/19/2012

    just got my 40 watt uv and it is a beast!!!! it is made well and i like the very detailed instruction that came with it. it is very large so you better have alto if room to install it. the quartz leave is heavy duty, and comes out really easy. i didn't give it 5 stars only because it didn't come with any type of mounting brackets or hardware. i feel it should have for the money it costs. i am having trouble finding something that will hold it good, probably just going to make something which slows down install. overall this is a product i would recommend. i will update after a few months of using it.
  • Larger than life By on 2/8/2012

    This unit is huge. I bolted it under the bottom of my 100 gallon tank. My wife got it for me and she thought she had ordered the wrong part be cause of the size and I told her remember we are getting a bigger tank so sweetie you did good. I wish it came with an optional flow meter of a build in one.