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Emperor Aquatics Smart UV 25 Watt
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Smart UV 25 Watt - Pentair Aquatics

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  • Cheap Ballast By on 10/22/2017

    Had to replace ballast 2x in as many years. Called tech support and both times they told me bulb was bad. Bought bulb each time and it was ballast!!! Spent more on parts than I paid for it!!! I would give this a no star if I could, Do Not Buy!!!
  • "C" is an idiot! By on 10/10/2017

    Pentair Aquatics makes the best UV sterilizers in the market and this is why BRS does not offer other brands. Regarding C's comments: When you make a mistake just leave with it and don't blame others. Those UV sterilizers are built like tanks, this is why finding main part components is not easy. I guess BRS and Pentair Aquatics are not used to deal with morons like you this is why you are not getting anywhere.
  • Superior product By on 7/11/2017

    When you have hundreds of dollars invested in your tank, a UV sterilizer is definitely at the top of the list. I have tried the cheaper brands and their durability, quality, and stability is not there. I bought a 50 watt SHO from BRS around 4 years ago for my 160 gallon. With no carbon use, the water looks like fish swimming in the air. No problems with infection or deaths. With previous products, that was not the case. I replace the bulb yearly and that is it.
  • Best in Class By on 9/15/2015

    When you get a UV sterilizer it needs to be made out of UV resistant plastic. This unit is. It also has a large viewing window that lets you see your bulb and water flow. I have other units by emperor on several commercial units, they never fail.
  • I think it works but way over priced for what it does By on 12/23/2014

    Bought this UV to suppress ick in my tank. Although it was made out of high quality "plastics", I still can't find any reasons as why it cost so much. This UV don't have the feature of adjusting water flow or warns you if the UV bulb needs to be replaced, so there's nothing "SMART" about it. Why they even call it a smart UV?
  • well built, very good support! By on 4/16/2014

    I wish that i could comment or reference "C" in this comment but is seems, that person is just for lack of better terms "special" in more ways than one. I am a tinkerer and i took the whole thing apart when i got it. if it un-scewed or came off i did it. thus i fried mine as well. i called customer service and had a very polite gal on the line, who got my plastic and bulb in the mail to me and i received it very fast for where i live..... the story ends with this, some people such as "c" are just people that wont take responsibility for their actions and are just pissed of at the world that their lives suck and that they have no education or manners to make the change.
  • Well built, very poor support. By on 1/16/2014

    Just my 2 cents and heads up to anyone who plans to invest in this pricey UV. I guess I did not seal the unit perfectly and after three weeks a small leak caused the bulb contact to short out. Did not realize it until it just didn't light up anymore... Slightly melted plastic at the bulb contact point and gummed up o ring's. I understand, my stupidity I guess. Not EA's fault. I should have checked and double checked the seals better before putting into use. So due to the slight damage, I need to replace the plastic parts where the quartz sleeve is held, new o-rings, etc. power supply connector and of course a new bulb. Should be a easy fix I thought. Contacted EA and was referred to buy the parts from BRS. BRS, only carries some of the parts and EA was not helpful at all to help in getting me the other replacement parts. I think after attempting to get the few parts I need, I mine as well buy another new unit. Would be less trouble and probably the costs would not be far apart. Expensive little mistake... Be careful using this near water. As separate parts seem to be not easily accessible. I assumed something of this caliber would have a great backing from the company. One of the very few experiences in my life I thought I was buying the best of the best and after three weeks, it is going in the garbage can. I had junk fish gear that lasted me longer than this and easier to get fixed. Just my experience with support. UV probably works great if it worked for me.
  • Best By on 9/16/2013

    If you are going to buy a UV sterilizer,Emperor is the one to get.Consider it an insurance policy against Algae and disease out breaks.It won't prevent either,but it will decrease their severity from catastrophe to something you can manage.You will also enjoy clearer water.
  • solid By on 8/29/2010

    I have been using UV on my reef tanks for over 20 years now and tried virtually every brand of UV sterilizer there is. Emperor aquatics is by far and away the best one out there. I would give it 6 stars if i could. This thing looks and feels like it belongs at seaworld rather than my home.