Salifert Flatworm Exit Aquarium Test Kit

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Salifert Flatworm Exit Aquarium Test Kit

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  • picotope experiment By on 6/22/2016

    Have faltworms on glass in a JBJ picotope. Added 3 drops, stuns.. all dead. 4 days later more. OK, add 6 drops, again stuns and kills. Wait a week, more flatworms. Add 10 drops, stuns and kills.
    copepods fall off the glass when you add this stuff. I'm doing a controlled experiment, so far, It is not working on these small brown translucent flatworms.
  • Amazing By on 12/13/2015

    Dosed twice and haven't seem worms since a month ago. Just be sure to siphon dead out
  • Works Great! By on 10/18/2015

    I had a really bad infestation of flatworms and this product worked great. The more flatworms you can syphon out in the beginning the better the product will work. Never had an issue with any of fish, corals or inverts. I ran carbon and did a water change as instructed.
  • Good By on 8/14/2015

    I used this on my 90 gallon mixed reef and everything is okay. It killed lots of flatworms but not all, so a second treatment is required. Please fallow the instructions to the smallest detail and do not overdose it will harm fish in no time. Don't underestimate the flatworms they are toxic little things.
  • Killed Fish Within 45 seconds of Addition By on 12/11/2014

    First: I have been in the hobby for 15 years, I have a 300 gallon tank with 75 gallon sump, deep sand bed in both main tank and sump. I mention these things to first establish I'm not new, and second that perhaps the deep sand bed could have something to do with the final crash my tank had after using this product, but not with the initial response my fish had.

    As my title suggests, within 45 seconds of the addition of this product, I had my achilles tang die. The reaction was almost instantaneous. This means there is no way the death of the achilles could have been caused by a buildup of toxin from the resultant genocide or Planaria within my tank. All of my other fish (purple tang, several yellows, clowns, sailfins, etc.) showed signs of great stress. This presented either through color change or mucus excretion. On the positive side, the reaction of the Red Planaria was likewise rapid. On the negative side, I had a lot of them in my tank and even with precautionary measures to filter them out as quickly as possible, a complete tank crash ensued. So please be careful when using this product! It does kill the Planaria, however, the ancillary damage can be extreme, and apparently not all of it due to toxicity derived from dead flatworms.

  • works great. lots of water and carbon changes. By on 8/6/2014

    I'm gonna wright this cause I was scared for my coral and fish but everything looks good and the flat worms are gone. I changed 25% water and used 2 lbs of carbon in a dual reactor. I would recommend this to anyone with a flatworm problem.
  • Does a good job By on 4/13/2013

    I first tried a different manufacters product and it killed the flatworms but it also decimated the rotifers and bothered the bristle worms badly that they were out in the open looking to escape it.

    Shortly after the pods came back and so did the flatworms, So i got the flatworm exit and tried it, I was very impressed to see that it only affected the flatworms and nothing else. After 2 days i noticed there were some really tiny ones left so i treated again using 1/3 more this time and they are gone now. Just keep a close eye on any fish/anemones/corals that seem stressed by it, mine had no effects at all from it. You may have to use more then they recommend but if closely monitored there should be no issue. use a bucket and put one gallon of tank water in and a few flatworms, put one drop in every 15 min until you see them effected by it. That will tell you how many drops per gallon is needed.
  • it worked for me By on 3/31/2013

    i had a good amount of flatworm in my 300 gal.folled the directions to the T havent seen a flatworm in weeks and it didnt seem to affect any corals or fish
  • Problem Solved By on 3/2/2013

    I had to dose the tank twice, but it took care of the problem. Please read and follow the directions to ensure that you don't have any issues with your livestock. It has been two months since the dosing and no signs of flatworms...
  • Great Product By on 10/10/2012

    Removed all flatworms in my mixed reef tank. Just make sure to follow the instructions fully and they will be gone.