Oceans Wonders 6" Coral Scalpel w/ 5 Blades

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Oceans Wonders 6" Coral Scalpel w/ 5 Blades

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  • You can get much better By on 4/17/2012

    I bought this thinking I would be a fragging king. Nope... It's a horrible design which leaves you pretty vulnerable. I decided to use pliers to get my blade on. First use I was cutting the flesh around a zoa, simple enough, I then scrape the rock under the zoa to scrape it off and the blade starts chipping. Cheap blades, dangerous to use. After about a week the handle is rusty. the blades rust over night. Gonna get my candy apple reds lockjaw with this junk...
  • disappointed By on 2/19/2012

    The blades break very easily. Not the type of scalpel you want to use for removing zoas from rock. Get a good, sturdy, one-piece scalpel. BRS please find one and begin selling it.
  • Sharp Product! By on 10/20/2011

    The only thing that really matters here is that its sharp. So yes, its pretty sharp. Now that I've got my sterile surgical blades, I am about to do some coral surgery!