Oceans Wonders Ceramic Coral Frag Tiles - 20 Pack

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Oceans Wonders Ceramic Coral Frag Tiles - 20 Pack

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  • Good product By on 9/6/2015

    These work great for chalices. High quality, no issues.
  • great By on 3/20/2015

    put the frag in the middle surround it with tiles an let it grow
  • A+++ By on 9/21/2014

    These tiles are amazing!!! One a few of my more rare zoa frags I made a few cuts on the bottom almost all the way through to help my when they are ready to be fragged off onto another grow out tile. I just bought some a week ago and now I'm order more already. I can't believe it took me this long to finally purchase them but now I won't go back to other plugs.
  • Looks good By on 12/8/2013

    I haven't used them yet but they look great
  • Great product By on 11/29/2013

    I like using these a lot more than the frag plugs with a post, you can place them anywhere you'd like with ease. They epoxy easily to the side of rock. I haven't had any issues with them moving when they are placed on a frag rack or egg crate.
  • Great for bare bottom tanks By on 5/25/2012

    I have ordered hundreds of these frag tiles and they are great for bare bottom tanks. No need for a frag rack, just place them on the bottom of the tank and watch your frags encrust.