Multicontroller 7096 - Tunze

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Multicontroller 7096 - Tunze

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  • Good, but I want more control! By on 8/30/2012

    I am very tech savy so installing the controller and the software was really easy on my Windows XP machine. The software interface is very simple, the parameters are not the best described though. To get a better idea of what all the options are and what the parameters mean you need to read the manual.

    There is limited control over the night and storm modes. The night mode must be initiated by the light sensor, there is no real time clock or anything like that. The night mode intensity is linked to another parameter of the pulsing and does not allow to be controlled indecently. The manual mentions nothing about the details of the "storm" feature. No control of storm intensity or timing available.

    The product look and feel is good, and the product does what is says, and I would defiantly buy again, but I wish the software was more fully featured.
  • It was this or the 7095 By on 11/30/2010

    In a nutshell the only difference is with this model and the more expensive 7095, is you have to have a PC/MAC to plug into the USB port so you can program the unit.

    At first I was unsure(it seemed like a real headache), but after watching a youtube video on what all this controller does with the aid of a computer interface I was sold. Its totally worth setting up a laptop or desktop next to the tank for the few hours it takes you to play with the pumps features. It really does some amazing things with your tunze pumps

    This unit does SOOOOO much more than the poor product description that is given. Its definitely an awesome piece of equipment to invest in. Look it up on youtube and you will see.

    The -1 star for recommend is simply because I feel it may not be for everyone. Using a computer to interface isn't exactly a desirable feature to most people. For me it was acceptable once I knew what this unit could do. For others it may not be.