Multicontroller 7095 - Tunze

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Multicontroller 7095 - Tunze

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  • Discontinued Product By on 12/11/2016

    Tunze has discontinued this product for newer version some time ago. I am not sure why BRS is still selling this. I purchased this and didn't hook it up right away. After setting it up months later I noticed that my new nano streams would shut off if the power on the 7095 wasn't at or above 60% power. I am trying to run a mixed reef and have burst however I cannot as burst from 60% to 70% is to much for my softies. I overpowered my nano streams a bit so I could run them at say 30% and pulse from there with the idea that they wouldn't be pushed too hard, would last longer, and would be quieter. Tunes has gotten involved and has been great. This item needs to be recalibrated as it runs on different power than the controller. I tried the calibration method however it didn't work.

    Since I didn't set this up right away BRS will not take back this discontinued item. Pretty disappointing experience that BRS continues to sell this when it doesn't work correctly with the current Tunze power heads.