BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package

BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package
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  • BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package
  • Kalkwasser: The Easiest Way to Maintain Ca, Alk & pH

BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package

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  • Awesome Product By on 4/30/2017

    Love how easy it makes the process of keeping calcium leveled out and also the benefits of raising Ph. I got the starter pack which made it easy to adjust the base levels of alkalinity, calcium and magnesium and all I do is add the kalk to the ATO and it takes care of the rest I just have to test magnesium and make adjustments very seldom
  • Nano size should be available- Good product By on 4/18/2017

    I liked the product and the directions were clear. I am using the kalkwasser for two weeks now and my calcium and alkalinity level are where they should be. However, BRS should have a nano version since many people will not use all of the product.
  • Kalkwasser is awesome By on 1/29/2016

    Recently order this starter kit as it is my first time dosing Kalk. Everything I needed was included and it makes it so easy. Well done.
  • Great product, could do better with instructions. By on 11/21/2015

    Everything is high quality and wonderful. The instructions are generally clear, but require that you read them a few times. Just double check yourself, i almost read them wrong the first time.
  • Did the trick, but it's far more than I needed By on 3/9/2015

    I got everything up to where it needs to be this weekend, particularly the ALK, from about 4-9 over about an eight hour period, and Mg from 1200-1350. Calcium was OK. Having done this, I can now I can add Kalkwasser in my ATO in an attempt to keep ALK in range. So all good, but for my 32G it's far more than I need so I've got a lot of Starter package left over. Too bad they don't have a nano version, or the like.
  • Great Starter Kit--improved with a Total Package Option By on 3/22/2014

    Another hit from BRS! This package, coupled with the videos and other instructions, is a terriffic way into the world of Kalkwasser.

    One recommendation would be to offer a "total" package that includes the gallon jugs, the 1oz. dispensing pumps, and perhpas a 1 gallon mixing container. Secondly consider, placing the "You Will Also Need" segment from the printed instruction sheet under "Full Details."
  • Great product By on 3/5/2014

    I'm new to reefing. Bought this product based on the YouTube videos. After 3 weeks my tank looks much better. I currently have 1 frag of zoanthids and since I started dosing they look much healthier and have started to multiply.
  • great kit By on 9/1/2013

    this is a great kit and has everything to get your numbers up and keep them up. seems very pure and performs just as expected.
  • Volume of Value By on 2/20/2013

    Holy powder Batman!! Ton of Volume!!! Perfect Kit to get things going in the right direction. Follow instructions+ watch videos+ use calculator=perfection every time!
  • Great value By on 1/3/2013

    You really do get alot for what you pay for maybe to much(not a bad thing). The videos helped me out alot as I was new to dosing. Mixing each element was not as hard as I thought it would be either. This is an all around awesome package.

    After I got all my parameters where I wanted them I didn't think I would need the alk or cal solution but after a few water changes I noticed my cal jumped up but my alk didn't. I had to stop using kalk for a little bit til my cal went back down and dosed only the alk solution to keep it stable.

    This is an all around awesome package.