Reverse Osmosis Pressurized Tank

Reverse Osmosis Pressurized Tank
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  • Reverse Osmosis Pressurized Tank

Reverse Osmosis Pressurized Tank

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  • Worth the money By on 6/14/2017

    I have this unit for a year already with no problem. Works as advertised. I do recommend.
  • Air bladder blew out of it's seat By on 4/28/2017

    This tank was set up on a drinking water system for a friend six months ago. Recently, he described a loud "bang" come from under his sink when he tried to draw water.

    I spoke with BRS customer service, who was rather helpful, and sent me a new tank. However I was curious to see how this one had failed, and opted to chop the top off of it.

    To my suprise, the rubber bladder between the air and water chambers had been blown out of it's sealing ring by a mere 60-65psi of water pressure (with the recompensed 5psi in the air chamber).

    Even more astonishing, was discovering that the entire inside of the tank was CAKED in rust (<10ppm product water).

    There is a 2-ish inch strip between a plastic protector for the top of the tank, and the sealing ring for the bladder which is bare metal, and was rusting to the point of cancering...

    This unit is nowhere near food-grade stainless.

    I plan to discard the new one as soon as I can source a superior pressure tank manufacturer.

    Long story short, this pressure tank is garbage. 2 stars only because BRS was willing to honor their product and send me a replacement.
  • Very nice to have By on 6/17/2014

    I bought this to supplement my RO/DI system. I have the drinking water kit that maintains pressurized RO water for drinking and my icemaker, but also wanted to have an easy, quick way of getting DI water - and this was the perfect way for me.
  • It was what I ordered By on 1/31/2014

    It was what I wanted
  • A must have for the RO/DI system By on 12/30/2013

    We are currently using 2 of these on our system. We are able to sustain high volume water pressure for the first 5 gallons of output before the system needs to recharge. Great for large water changes or water changes plus house hold use.
  • Good pressurized tank By on 8/13/2013

    This does what it is supposed to do. Just remember to buy the tank shutoff valve. I think it should have been included, as I cannot think of how to hook up the tank otherwise. I wish it had a little more pressure to allow better water flow out, but then I'd probably waste a lot of water from the filter unit.

    Just remember to buy the tank valve also. That is the only reason not rated 5 stars.
  • Kit Has Everything By on 6/6/2012

    When you buy the Drinking Water Kit, it comes with everything you need including the shutoff valve and many other connectors. It does cost a little more, but like I said, it has everything you need and more.
  • RO Drinking Water Add On By on 6/6/2012

    Ordered the individual parts to add Drinking Water to my RO/DI system. Got the pressurized tank, the faucet, all the tubing necessary to get from the RO/DI to the under the kitchen sink installation. These things are 8 ft apart with a wall inbetween, a dishwasher and some cabinets, but actually the installation was easy. Again watch those BRS videos, they are very helpful.
  • No Shutoff Valve By on 10/25/2011

    I assumed this tank would come with the valve for the top. It does not, I ended up having to fork up the $5 for the valve as well as $7 for shipping. I think this ad should specify "tank only, valves sold separately" not a common valve either.. Home Depot or any other local hardware store did not have this simple piece of plastic.
  • No valve included? By on 10/24/2011

    I purchased the 5 stage R/O system and it came with a ton of extra connections. When I purchased this unit I assumed it came with the on/off valve. Dissapointed that I have to wait another week to install this unit as none of the hardware stores around have this particular fitting.