Turbelle Nanostream 6045 (1175 GPH) - Tunze

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  • Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6045 Flow Dynamics

Turbelle Nanostream 6045 (1175 GPH) - Tunze

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  • Lower then expected life By on 4/17/2017

    1.5 years after purchasing this power head the tabs on the end of the nozzle that stop the impeller from spinning backwards have broken. Now the impeller seems to always spin backward when it starts unless I play with it
  • Great By on 4/6/2017

    the product performs as stated
  • Quiet and powerful By on 12/6/2016

    After trying many techniques and products for providing circulation in a reef tank over the years I have come to prefer Tunze powerheads for their simplicity, build quality, longevity, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency. Worth the extra bucks IMO.

    I'm using a couple of these (and a 6025) in a small reef (65 gallon). Great design, easy to install/aim. They provide nice strong flow without blowing the sand around or beating up the anemone. No audible noise...the usual excellent Tunze quality.
  • Cheap quality fish guard. By on 9/27/2016

    I ordered two of these for my 75g reef build. The pump quality seems nice other than the fish guard, the reason for only 4 stars. The pumps are very small and versatile with aiming angles. When I received my pumps both of the fish guards were broken. BRS has amazing customer service and sent me two new pumps and upon inspection one of the two new pumps also has a broken fish guard. That's my only complaint.
  • Failed after 1 month of use. By on 3/16/2016

    I am new to the hobby and have started a 60 gal reef tank. I purchased this unit less than a month ago and it has already failed. I am going to contact BRS on what i can do to return the product. It was recommended by BRS so i trusted the recommendation. The unit has a very small design and i like the adjustments that can be made directionally for this pump. I am considering asking for credit to purchase some dc versions that have the cords outside tank.
  • Nice pump By on 4/26/2014

    Wanted to try this pump in my 40gal and it has good flow. I will be getting one more for good cross flow.
  • good water movement By on 3/18/2014

    I do like these powerheads, i ordered 2 for my 65 G mixed reef. They move a lot of water and are quite small. The magnets barely make it through my glass (1/2") but they do hold OK. The flow is a bit narrower than I thought. I initially bought the sicce voyagers but replaced them with these, and am much happier with the Tunze ones.
  • great little wavemaker By on 7/30/2013

    installed 2 in a 75 gal. unobtrusive, very quiet, works perfect, manual adjustment works great, easy to adjust direction.
  • great product By on 4/13/2013

    Tunze makes great products. The flow adjustment is nice. The 6045 really moves some water compared to its size.
  • great powerhead By on 12/22/2012

    Bought a 6045 about 3 months ago, & was certainly impressed! Design, size, overall quality beat the pants off my older existing Hydor Koralias. Absolutely love the ball design of the impeller cage - truly does let you swivel the head around in any direction you want. Small size = less obtrusive. Excellent Tunze qualtiy, very quiet - even on startup, not like the big grinding/rattling noise the Koralias make when they start up, & yes the Koralias are well-maintained.