Auto Shut Off Kit for Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Auto Shut Off Kit for Reverse Osmosis Systems

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  • Auto Shut Off Kit for Reverse Osmosis Systems By on 10/13/2017

    The Auto Shut Off Kit for Reverse Osmosis Systems is working fantastically. It's part of my ATO system.
  • Nice product By on 2/11/2017

    I really like the product. Like the other reefers it takes the work away from having to constantly check 32 gallon Brute can to see if its full. Many times i have forgot to turn it off before I went to bed and wasted a lot of water. When the auto shutoff kicks in it shakes all of the lines and your like what the heck was that. The other issue was it did not come with instructions. I had to go to the website and download them.
  • Best Backup Device EVER!!! By on 1/23/2016

    I have a 43 gallon Brute can in my finished basement that I fill with plain RODI water. I usually set the alarm on my phone for 1 hour intervals to check it & shut it off.

    This one particular time I got side tracked and forgot to set the alarm and the unit was left running, and overflowing, all night long. We had 3 inches of water in 3 carpeted rooms!

    This baby is a lifesaver! I still use the alarm on my phone and this as a backup in case I forget to shut it down. I wouldn't rely solely on this unit to ahut the system down every time you make water. But it's a great backup device.

    I would recommend having your can or recepticle empty when you install the float switch because it requires drilling through the pail and you don't want debris in your water. Also, uae a 1/2" drill bit.

    This is something every RO unit should have on it. Super affordable price as well, considering the level of security it provides.
  • Marriage Saver By on 6/1/2015

    How did I not have this before?!?! This must be a required item for anyone purchasing a RODI unit. I don't even know how many times I flooded my fish room because I forgot to turn off the RODI. Set up once and forget it exists. Easy set up and no more floods. Well at least not for that reason. I'd say that BRS could include some basic installation instructions but videos can be found online.
  • Good Kit! By on 3/12/2015

    A good quality auto top off kit and easy to install. I can't count how many times I've had to turn the car around because I forgot to turn off my RO/DI. Also, BRS has a good installation how-to video if needed. Highly recommended!
  • Definitely Needed By on 3/9/2015

    I went without an auto shut off kit for too long. This was quick to install, and I'm glad I can have some piece of mind when leaving my RO/DI unit running when not home.
  • Works very well - Great price! By on 2/27/2015

    This coupled with the pressure switch to turn of the pump when the float is triggered is simply ideal. And I am sure works without the pump as well but for me I needed the extra pressure. Can't wait to start making huge volumes of RO/DI water now!!
  • Quick delivery By on 2/14/2015

    Everything you need at BRS.
  • better By on 12/15/2014

    It works way better than other mass marketed one from pet store that have left my floor flooded.
  • You need this! By on 12/3/2014

    If you make your own water with an RO/DI you need this! Inexpensive and will save you a lot of headache and worry! I not only ran my bucket over once but maybe 2 or 3 times lol Finally decided to check these out and see what there was to remedy my problem and here I have this cheap little part that I can't live without! LOL