16 Piece Hole Saw Drill Bit Set

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16 Piece Hole Saw Drill Bit Set

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  • Fantastic Bits By on 5/19/2016

    These worked like a charm and drilled beautiful holes in the DIY acrylic tanks and sumps I built! Definitely would recommend!
  • Good Product By on 3/25/2016

    The product overall was good. A couple things would be helpful - instructions on how to actually use the product would have been nice. There are a few different parts that come with this kit and to the novice this could be a problem. A slightly more durable case - my latch is about to bust and I only used the kit twice. All-in-all, functional and cheap. Two of my favorite words.
  • Priced RIGHT By on 2/15/2015

    Needed a hole saw to finish up a project on RO/DI storage can.. Happened to see this. Great deal at a fantastic price. As others have said, are these the best hole saws money can buy? Probably not. But they will do everything I need to do for this reef build and more, for the cost of one hole saw at local hardware store. Comes with nice storage case too... Love it.
  • Poor quality - Wrong sizes . . . By on 11/15/2014

    Many of the items for sale at Bulk Reef Supply are truly top-of-the-line. This hole saw set is bottom of the line. This is a super cheap set that was made in China of inferior metal and workmanship. On my set, the teeth on the 2.5" hole saw were uneven. I looked at the other sizes and their teeth also were uneven in a random way. Furthermore, the holes that this saws don't match up to the sizes of the bulkheads. For glass, I bought the glass hole saw from BRS and that sizes and works perfectly. However, this hole saw set is a complete bust.
  • Awesome drill bit set......................... By on 7/21/2013

    This 16 piece hole saw drill bit set is everything you will ever need plus more, It cuts all types of holes for Uniseals, Bulkheads and more........it goes through plastic, wood, acrylic to name a few. The kit has a great variety of sizes that come in a nice, neat carrying case with everything you need for a holey experience at an awesome price.
  • Every size you need, for one great price!!!!! By on 7/8/2013

    I used this drill kit to make my RO/DI and Salt Water system . It worked very well on the Rubbermade Brute Containers cut the holes like butter for the Uniseals and bulkheads and Clear Deck Plate for each container. Would recommend the kit......it comes with all sizes imaginable.
  • DID THE JOB By on 3/19/2013

    I needed a 2 1/2 inch hole saw for installing the 1 1/2 uniseal so I went to the hardware store and found that the 2 1/2 hole saw alone was $13. I was ordering other items from Bulk Reef so I added this to my cart due to the value. I used it to cut hole into a heavy duty garbage can for water storage and it worked great.
  • Awesome for the price By on 3/15/2013

    I was about to buy one drill bit at the local hardware store and it was going to cost about 1/4 of what this did. This however comes with a complete set. Drilled through the wood I needed it to with no problems. Well worth the money even if you don't have any aquarium related use for it.
  • Quality in a little box By on 3/15/2013

    I use these hole saws for all kinds of projects many not even reef related. quality and durable recommend this kit ,has everything you need.
  • Good for the price By on 8/11/2012

    The blades come in a nice toolbox and the work well. A lot more economical than going to the hardware store to get them.