Auqa Gadget SkimMate MidSize Ghost Skimmer - Innovative Marine

Auqa Gadget SkimMate MidSize Ghost Skimmer - Innovative Marine
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  • Auqa Gadget SkimMate MidSize Ghost Skimmer - Innovative Marine
  • Ghost Skimmer - Innovative Marine
  • Auqa Gadget SkimMate MidSize Ghost Skimmer - Innovative Marine Top View
  • Auqa Gadget SkimMate MidSize Ghost Skimmer - Innovative Marine Collection Cup
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Auqa Gadget SkimMate MidSize Ghost Skimmer - Innovative Marine

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  • DO NOT BUY By on 5/30/2017

    This skimmer will or dial in and the micro bubbles cannot be stopped no matter how much filter floss,media,etc you attempt to shove in any compartment.
    On a worse note BRS will NOT let you return it.
    Nice, so now I have a $200 paper weight.
    Great customer service NOT
  • Good not great No bubbles here By on 5/9/2017

    I read elsewhere that if you just unscrew the air port half way it skims better and get less bubbles. Sure worked, that being said it doesn't skim incredibly well. The pump just doesn't provide enough bubbles to really get a dense foam. But it does fit in my Nuvo 30L perfect so eh.
  • Avoid at all cost By on 3/13/2017

    I'd avoid this at all Cost. Constant micro-bubbles even after a year of use. Worthless skimmer since you can't see your fish in the tank with all the bubbles!!!! And this is installed in one of their tanks designed for this skimmer!!! I'd avoid all products from this company.
  • Not Reliable By on 1/16/2017

    This skimmer can perform very nicely however in my experience it requires far too much maintenance of some kind to keep it running. It seems to me that the pump is the weak link the rest of the constructions appears to be of high quality.
  • AHHHH........Microbubbles! By on 9/15/2016

    I have given this skimmer 7 months. It does do a good job and pulls out some nasty stuff but the microbubbles are unacceptable. I am very bummed with Innovatibe marine as I bought the tank, reactor, and the skimmer all in hopes it was designed to work well together. Tank and reactor are great. This skimmer, even with it in the area that should have the filter sock puts TONS AND TONS of microbubbles into the tank. The only way I got them under control was to not use one of the filter socks, place the skimmer in that area, in the next baffle I have a reactor with a 3x6 inch filter floss to catch the excess bubbles. I have to change the filter floss every two days for proper maintenance. I shouldn't have to rig a new tank especially after spending all this cash on it. maybe IM will contact me with a solution.
  • Horrible design By on 8/31/2016

    Bought a new tank and had this protein skimmer installed. Air valve broke the first water change on my salt tank, making this skimmer useless. Waste of $170
  • Quality product By on 3/13/2016

    Best little skimmer I've had so far and look forward to a long time using it. Very nice design, super quite and break in period for me was about 2 weeks with the micro bubbles. This is replacing another skimmer I got cheap for 50 bucks and it sucked with micro bubbles the hole time. Very happy with this product and it's design and would recommend it to anyone that want's good results.
  • Works Well By on 9/17/2015

    I have it in my nuvo fusion 30L tank. It takes awhile to break in but does a good job afterwards. It is designed for the 30L or 40 Innovative Marine systems and does a good job once broke in. It is a simple drop in skimmer that fits perfectly in a compartment at the back of the tank in what is essentially a tank within a tank compartment. As such bubbles if any do not make any difference. I have not noticed any. I cannot comment on its use in other systems.
  • Good idea with poor execution. By on 8/28/2015

    I really wanted to love this skimmer. Sadly the design doesn't feel well thought out. First off the small plastic air valve isn't a replaceable part. I didn't even get the skimmer in the water and I broke the valve trying to turn it. Next the top on the cup doesn't have a tight fit. I can hear it rattle around when the cup is full. Lastly, there is nothing to hold the skimmer up. I bet this isn't a problem when using an IM tank, but if you have a different tank you are going to need to make a stand for the skimmer.
  • Better than most By on 12/30/2014

    Many of these skimmers for small tanks are poorly made, built from cheap materials, loud, and do very little. This skimmer is none of those things. The acrylic is very nice and it just "feels" like a nice piece of equipment. What I like about this skimmer: it is quiet, completely hidden, made of quality materials, and skims well. What I don't like about it: long break in time, prone to micro bubbles, and price. If it weren't for the horrible micro bubble issue, I'd probably give it 5 stars, but the bubbles are very difficult to get rid of.