Black Schedule 40 Pipe (58 Inch)

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Black Schedule 40 Pipe (58 Inch)

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12" Black Schedule 40 Pipe
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34" Black Schedule 40 Pipe
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1" Black Schedule 40 Pipe
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2" Black Schedule 40 Pipe
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  • The Best colored pipe. By on 7/19/2017

    I love this stuff. BRS does it best by far. I've ordered a decent amount of this black colored pipe and it been in great shape every time. My tanks plumbing is looking awesome I wish I could upload a photo to share. No scratching this stuff looks perfect on my tank plumbed right into my ghost overflow. I colored coded my drains and emergency drain. Makes working under the tank and breeze and never having to question which drain is what is key. Thanks BRS.
  • Sch 40 black pipe By on 7/9/2017

    This pipe could have thinner walls.
  • Nice Colored PVC pipe By on 12/17/2016

    I care just as much about how neat and clean my plumbing is, so I ordered two sizes of this black PVC pipe, come packaged well. Looks great, just as easy to work with as regular white PVC.
  • Seemed fine to me By on 6/23/2016

    Seems like good quality PVC pipe. I do see what some of the others are saying... it is scratched up a bit, but most likely how it comes from where BRS gets it. I doubt they are all individually wrapped when BRS gets them. The main thing is it's good quality pipe. I'd buy it again anytime.

    As for the scratching ... I mean... if you are looking for it under good light and are within 1' or so... you will see it. Then again at average viewing distance say 2'+ you will never see it. So for me.. under my stand and in the fish room around the sump... no one will ever get that close I don't think. At 2'+ it looks perfect.
  • Scuffed, Scratched, and Ugly By on 3/22/2016

    I was very disappointed with this purchase. I ordered multiple sections of the 1" black pipe and every piece arrived scuffed and scratched over the complete length. I need to plumb my tank in the next couple of days or I would just throw it in the trash and order from someone else. If someone is spending the extra money to order colored pipe its because it needs to look good and presentable. I'm embarrassed to be using this but I need to get the project done. I will never order colored pipe from here again.

    In contrast I ordered the 3/4" pipe I needed from Amazon because it was a good bit cheaper than BRS. Each piece arrived packaged in a separate plastic sleeve and was flawless on their appearance.

    The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because it looks to the the same thickness and strength of regular schedule 40 pipe so it should function well.
  • Perfect By on 12/1/2015

    I got my black PVC today and it arrived just as described. I was a little worried it wouldn't be good quality due to the color but I was very impressed with the quality. No more ugly white pipe with bar codes. Perfect look to match my black stand and red and black sump. Thanks BRS!