Slim-Skim Nano Protein Skimmer - Hydor

Hydor Nano-Skim Protein Skimmer
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Slim-Skim Nano Protein Skimmer - Hydor

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  • Good product, bad manual By on 5/24/2016

    Did someone from Hydor actually try to use their manual to put it together? Arguably one of the worst setup descriptions I've ever read. I ended up ripping out the picture pages (located in a different part of the manual), laying them along with the assembly description page, and then was able to figure out which steps I can skip, as the product comes pre-assembled (kind of), so what they say is not exactly what you need to do. Anyway, it is working, it is a little bigger than expected (they should not call it nano), the noise level is ok, looks like it does its function.
  • Preety good skimmer/could be just a bit smaller By on 8/31/2015

    I have had this skimmer up and runner for just over a month and it seems to be doing the job it is made for. I got it for my 28 gallon Current model tank of which I have permanently remove the hood. I wanted to put it in the overflow compartment but it was about a 1/4 inch too big. But with a little help from my Dremmel and just enough push, I was able to make it fit back there and it seems to being doing great.
  • Great Skimmer By on 3/19/2015

    I did a lot of research for nano skimmers and found this to be the best match, it is small, quiet and seems to perform its job very well. I'm able to pull out pretty thick black stuff on a regular once a week basis using this thing. Make sure that if you are using this in sump like I am you have high enough of a water level for it to work. I recommend that you have a minimum of 10" which gives you room to move it up and down in the water. Skimming frequency can be adjusted by moving the collection cup up or down - however if your water level is too low in the sump this will not make it work.
  • Power in a Skimmer By on 1/5/2015

    Have it running on a 30g cube and love it! It is pretty quite and pulls a nice skimmate out of the tank. I have only had it running for about 2 weeks but can't complain so far. And for everyone who complains about surfacing skimming needing a constant water doe not, I do not have an ATO and my tank can go a few days with out a top off and so far no change in the skimmer.
  • Adequate for its intended purpose By on 5/3/2014

    I have one of these on a 27 Marineland Cube with four small fish and a bunch of soft corals. It works well. I've had mine about a year, cleaned it once and had no mechanical problems. I've had no trouble with the magnet mounts. The skimmer is super quiet and, for its size, removes a fair amount of gunk once it's dialed in. Given its cost, it's a good supplement to the water changes so crucial to keeping a small tank. You can't expect miracles, but you can expect it to do its job.
  • Awesome By on 5/1/2014

    I've never cleaned mine (in use 8+ months), produces constant frothy skim mate. Mine is held in place with one of the magnets with no issues, doesn't slide down ever, and you don't have to push the cup down, it just goes down. Second magnet not used due to tank built in bracket where the second magnet would go. Love this skimmer! Only complaint I have, it is slightly noisier than I wish it would be.
  • Built nice weak skimmer By on 4/10/2014

    Have in nuvo 38 rear chamber, mounting magnets to weak slides down when you put cup back on , skims sometimes , stops skimming very easily , pump seems to collect debris easily and reduces flow and stops working . Good skimmer if you like removing once or twice a week to completely disassemble and clean!