Marine A Pellet Fish Food - Hikari

Marine A Pellet Fish Food - Hikari
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  • Marine A Pellet Fish Food - Hikari
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Marine A Pellet Fish Food - Hikari

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  • I think it is a very good food surce By on 12/18/2016

    I have been buying the pellets for about 3 years. My fish are healthy and seem to like it.
    I think it is a good product.
  • Phosphate-rich By on 8/25/2016

    The food is okay and my aggressive fish tended to eat it pretty well. I currently only have 2 fish and would only give 1 or two pellets a day (in a 40 breeder with 20 gallon sump). After a few days, my phosphates shot up to 0.55 ppm! After a few water changes and switching back to frozen food and some GFO I am back to lower phosphates. The convenience of pellets isn't worth the phosphate problems in an SPS tank. Mabye in a fish only, softie, or MAYBE an LPS tank these would be okay.
  • Good sinking food By on 4/28/2016

    Food sinks slowly giving fish enough time to catch it before it goes into the over flows. The only bad thing is that the pellets are kinda big for Juvenal fish. I had to brake them up so my small and medium fish could eat them.
  • Jury Still Out By on 12/18/2015

    The food is packaged nicely and works well as it relates to feeding after soaking a few minutes in RO/DI water; however, none of my fish will eat it. That said, I don’t blame the food, as my fish have only been fed frozen foods for years. I intend to keep trying as I want an option for auto fish feeders when I am out of town.
  • Great Fish Food By on 12/13/2015

    I'd been using this for years with great results and healthy fishes. What I like is that it is very neutral in saltwater, allowing it to sink slowly and giving time to fish to take it. If you need it to float more just soak it in freshwater for a minute before using them.
  • excellent By on 12/14/2014

    Fish love it. Noticed more active feeding. Pellets are a little big for smaller fish
  • Yellow Tang & Clownfish give Hikari an A+ By on 11/23/2014

    Ice cream to the fish. I feed mixed with mysis shrimp, emerald entree, and other veggie pellets and they always snatch up the Hikari pellets first.
  • Good stuff By on 6/2/2014

    I've been feeding all my fish and shrimps Hikari for the longest time. They prefer it over all other foods and wont touch any other pellets. They are all big and fat :)... I just soak some in RODI water before feeding to make it a bit soft.